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set in summer/winter, 2017

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 More Bloodshed, February 2017
Isabella Camael
Honour and Valour
CONTENT: Im fine with mature content.

Death hits the Elites
By: Isabella Camill
It would appear my faithful readers that the only news that i have been able to bring to you as of late has been that of pain, and death. This time though it would seem as if this death will hit a little too close to home, especially to the elite and top crust of Otherwhere. Those who walk the streets of Authority Hill with their head held high, sure in the fact that such mortal things as death will not touch their sheltered lives. Yet death was able to penetrate the lives of the sheltered, and the protected. It was able to ghost through locked doors and was able to take the lives of the untouchable. If such a thing could happen, does that mean none of us are ever truly safe? And what does it truly mean for the city of Otherwhere? Can w pull back from this heartless act?

For many of us the Cane coven are an elusive bunch. Hidden behind their personas. The ones they put on for the public eye. The gentle smiles, and the money they give to charities. They have always been a staple within our fair city. A face of strength and power. With sharply cut suits, and their chins raised high. For as much as they have gifted to this city, it has been their arrogance that has kept this city from truly adoring them as they do other families. Yet, even despite this, it is their lives we cling to. Their stories we listen to and their scandals we love to hear the most.

Edward Cane was a man of business. Of stark suits, and a strong appearance. A man who knew his way around honeyed words and a constant presence among the elite of Otherwhere. Hosting grand and lavish parties, but known for his taste in high end call girls. But a fair man, who did his part to help the city, owning much of developments.

Just like her father Adeline Cane was perhaps more so a staple than her father. A socialite, a charity worker, a fashion designer and part time model. There was not one single part of this city one could walk without seeing her smiling face upon billboards, or street corners, or ads for the most expensive of products. For all of their faults, they have seen this city through a lot of dark times. Their deaths will be felt by most.

Yet truly how did they die? Was this a simple break in as the Authority has lead us to believe. Do we have to lock our doors and ensure we have the best security at our sides, or, is this something more than meets the eye? Is there something bubbling beneath the surface of the covens of our city? Truly we will perhaps never know. But if there is a story truly there my readers you know i will get to the bottom of it, and expose it to the world.

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