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Michael Frost
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Darkness Manipulation - Michael has the abbility to manipulate darkness. Be this the darkness inside of someone, his own darkness or merely the darkness when the sun is not in the sky. He can twist it and turn it into wisps that can grab at people. It can pull and twist at their insides.

Explosives magics - His first tester when it came to magic was explosive magics. Learning how to make things explode. Breaking a vase.

Life and Death - Michael can manipulate the spirits. Pulling and twisting them to do his bidding.

He still has various dark abilities. He is still learning, still mastering what he is and isn't capable of, because if there is one thing about Michael he is never going to allow anything to happen to his wife, or his family again.
They say that when the rage takes over, when that red mist descends over you that you don't remember what your doing. You'll hear many men, and women claim that when they see red anyone in their way gets it and they'll never be able to tell you what happened, or what truly led them to do it. Whether that is true or not i don't know. I just know what is true for me.

When i wrapped my hands around his throat, i remembered. I remembered the feel of his throat beneath my hands. The way my knuckles bled as they pounded into his face. I remember every groan. Every kick. Even remember the sick satisfaction that settled in my stomach.

Would it change what had happened? No. But it sure made me feel better.He deserved every single second of things. My only regret was not making him hurt more. Not making it last longer. Perhaps that had not been the best thing to tell the authority. But it was the truth and i was not about to start telling lies now.

I was just 16 when i met her. She was new to town. She had the reddest hair, curled beautiful around her shoulders, and such beautiful hazel eyes that sparkled when the light caught them. She was just beautiful and i was hooked. It was never supposed to happen. But isn't that what most teenagers say when they find themselves in a situation like this. A kid that young was not my future. I was supposed to open up my own restaurant, that was my dream. Not a kid. But it was my responsibility and i was not about to just walk away from it.

Five months later we were married, four months later Rocco was born into the world. he was just the most beautiful thing in the entire world. A button nose. Ten fingers and ten toes. he had his mothers eyes and my hair. Poor kid had my nose to, but at least he still remained beautiful. He was the apple of my life and despite it all we were happy. I had long ago learned strong values passed to me from my family.

It was difficult of course. Trying to juggle a young child while we were both so young ourselves. Trying to juggle a life and a child.We both had a good family to fall back on. We did our best to juggle school, and work but it was hard. It really was. I wouldn't change one single thing. Except one.

Their murder.

I had just turned 18. Was out celebrating with the guys. She had insisted she stay behind. That i could go and enjoy myself.And i did. Regretted it ever since.

I wish i could forget. Forget the amount of blood that was on the walls. Who could have thought that one person could have had so much blood. I was drunk when i got into the house. The view that had found me had sobered me instantly. As much as i had wanted our rson to be spared. He to had perished. The only thing that any of us could be thankful for was the fact at least hIS death had been quick. Bullet to the brain. My wife. My beautiful wife. She had not been as lucky. I can only imagine the pain she went through, and that son of a bitch. The bastard who killed her. He knew only a fraction.

If i could do it all over again. I'd have made him suffer long. Wouldn't have let my anger get to me as quick as it did. I would have been calmer. More calculated. I would have done more damage. Done to him what he did to her. As it was though, it was my fists who ended his life. At the end of it he hadn't been recognisable. He deserved so much more. So much more.

It took the authority months to find even the smallest of leads. Months in which i had gone out of my mind trying to find some semblance of something. Anything. In the end though it wasn't the authority who had found the sick son of a bitch, but my own investigation. It had consumed me. There was nothing left for me anyway. Except this. The revenge. The need to find him. To ask him. Why. Why them.

Because they were up for it. That was what the sick bastard said. There was no jail in all of the realms who would ever make that right. She had wanted it. Begged for it. Perhaps it was that what had flew me into my rage the way it did. Perhaps that was what he had been anticipating. My anger. Or not. Perhaps he didn't even think he would be caught. Perhaps he had hoped he would. He had just never expected me.

I still remember. Everything.

There was a sadness in the court. An understanding as the trial went underway. My family had hoped they would have come up with something. That there would have been some hope. There never was. I had killed him. No matter the reason. No matter if everyone else in the room would have done the same or not. I had killed him. It had been at my hands he had found his end. There was only one way the trial could have gone. I had known it, and deep down so had my family.

Guilty. A condemned man.

To my family the only joy was that the jury ruled manslaughter rather than murder. Guess they had felt sorry for me. Or my lawyer was smart enough to make the jurors see that i had been provoked and that i had never gone with the intent to kill. Even i couldn't say if i had or not. I had just wanted answers. I had wanted him to suffer yes But i had never believed myself capable. I guess it really is true. When pushed everyone is capable of murder.

Oh she would have been so disappointed in me though. Especially now. I had always thought i had been a man long before that day. But i wasn't. I went into that jail a child and i came out a man. Hardened and colder than when i went in if that was even possible. I have truly seen this world for what it is. And i hate it. There is darkness out there. But now i believe there is more darkness inside of the human soul than there ever could have been in the demons who walk this world.

Nowhere is a terrible place. Filled with darkness and no hope. My only hope was one person. Vivian. She took me under her wring and awoke something inside of me. My darkness. My power. Something that finally put me up against my family. Who finally made me special. She awoke the dark magic inside of me, taught me the tricks of the trade. There was no love. No hope. No reason to live really when i got out. Just going through the motions until i met her. I never thought anything would have come of it. Buying her for a day of shopping because it was christmas and the first year i was free. Who knew that, that one day would have turned into what it did. Love beyond anything else in the entire world. It went from flirting to sex to marriage. Maeve Frost became my life. My hope. My redemption, my very reason for living.


Michael is a complex male. Hes complicated at his very core. A male that is genuinely a good man who wishes to see his family and himself sucede. He wants nothing more than to be able to protect his family and keep himself. But deep within himself he has a simmering rage. He has the abbility to lose his normally cool composure at a moments notice. He knows how to inflict pain how to cause someone some serious harm. A very protective person at heart, he can get very flustered easily, stuttering over his words when hes under pressure or uncertain over himself.

He does not view himself as anyone, doesn't rate himself very highly. He has seen and done things he is very ashamed of the things he has done in his life and he is trying to better himself. He constantly worries his wife will realize the mistake she has made with marrying him and find someone better than him.
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