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Gabriella Mason
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Nature Enhancement - Gabriella has the ability to enhance the nature around her.
She can manipulate nature, allowing flowers and plants to grow. She can use this ability offensively, but doesn't do so often.

Wind Generation - Gabriella has been known to be able to create great gushes of wind when she is in emotional states. She has been learning to control this as best she can, having pots and pans smashed because she got a little excited is always fun. Not. Depending how much she uses it tires her out.

Boom, Boom, Boom - Give her nature Gabriella has learned a lot of magic from her mother, but she always took to the magic with the most flare. Offensive magic that goes boom. Magic that goes boom, things that make light etc.
The life of Gabriella Kacey wasn't your most typical upbringing. She never knew her father. Only ever had her mother. Never truly had a home either. They were always on the move. Always seeing new and exciting places. But no matter what Gabriella always knew that she was loved. Her mother wasn't the easiest person. Flighty in nature Ree never truly knew love herself, how to fully love or give herself to someone else, but she tried. For her daughter she tried.

Gabriella grew up knowing that there was something wrong with her mother. It took her a long time to learn that the reason her mother looked so sad was because she once had a son. A son who she had raised and a son who she had loved. A son she had doted on, but a son who she had lost. Her mother never liked talking about her son, but Gabriella understood why they always moved. Why they never stayed in one place for too long. She was looking for the son she has lost. Never truly settling. Never being able to give Gabriella the love she should have had because her heart was to broken.

That was fine by Gabriella though. She was an independent kid. Looked after herself and cherished the moments that they got to spend together. Her mother was an excellent cook. Okay, she was able to cook some pretty mean pancakes. Gabriella loved being able to spend time with her mother. Learning how to cook them. She loved when her mother would read to her. They were the good times and they were the times she looks back on now. She cherishes those moments

Gabriella has learned so much over the years. Learned different cultures. Learn different languages (well, some anyway). She was about ten when she made her first necklace. She had been playing down near some beach in some city when she had seen a street woman selling them. Gabriella had been fascinated them. She had sat there and she had watched as the woman made her necklace even letting her make one with her. Gabriella had been so happy she had gone right home to her mother. It was the first time she had seen her mother smile. Truly smile and she had known that was what she was going to do. She was going to continue making things that would make everyone smile.

Always one with her own thoughts and opinions she has never been one to stand back and let everything happen. Not if she felt strongly about it and she did when she was living in some town outside of some big city. After awhile they all blurr into one and this was no different. Accept this time she got involved in some activist group and learned that they were experimenting on animals. it was just wrong and cruel and not something she could sit by and let happen. So along with the group she helped bust them out, only she got caught and she ended up in Juvi for a couple of Year.

It was during her last month in juvi that she learned her mother had died, and upon her release she got a box filled with her moms belongings. What was in the box shook her to the very core. She was given a name of someone who would be able to give her answers and get her to somewhere she would be able to learn about her father.
Otherwhere was a strange place. So different to what she was used to, and yet, at the same time it was so familiar and for the first time se felt so at home with herself, she felt like she belonged. She took to getting herself invited to all the big parties picking pockets to make sure she kept herself above water while she gained the courage to go and speak to her father. It was at one of these parties she met Ezra Mason. He caught her lifting of his guests, and instead of handing her to the Authority he made her an offer she couldn't quiet refuse. Marry him, and have everything she could possibly want. All he asked was her to be faithful to him. She could hardly deny that now could she?


Free Thinking - Gabriella has always been a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and it has always been the opposite of what everyone has ever told her. She despises rules. In one way she understands them, she knows the need for them, she just does not agree with them. She prefers to forge her own path. She does what she wants because she is the one who wants to do it and not because someone told her to do it. It is a trait she gained from her mother. A woman who was never able to settle down, who always forged her own path. It seems her mother finally got a child she deserved. Herself.

Unconditional Gabriella loves. She loves so much that she walks into situations blind. Many a time she has loved so much that she has been so blinded by it that her heart has been broken. She doesn't tend to see the bad in people. Always seeing the good, always choosing to see the good in them despite the glaring bad. It is how she stuck by her mother for so long. She loved her so much that walking away was impossible.

One Day at a Time Gabriella lives her life as if it is the last day on earth. She doesn't look to the future because she isn't promised it, and she doesn't look to the past because she can't change it. She instead enjoys the present. The here and the now. She focuses on what she can do, what she can live, and love. She lives every day as if it were her last. She has no true home to call her own. Only enough money in her back to keep a hot meal in her stomach. Always moving, always enjoying her life. She travels and sees the world.

A sponge For all of her life Gabriella has desired one thing. Knowledge. She has sought it for all of her life. As a child she was right there in the thick of things. Learning to cook, learning to write. She loved natured, even more so as she grew and learned about it. She loved to know what made things tick, what made people hurt. How to help people. She has always learned, enjoyed travel to learn about different cultures and making new friends. Everything she gets her mind in she absorbs. She never truly focuses on one thing at a time though. One moment shes all about the stars, and then the next shes about the ocean. Nothing truly holds her attention for to long. Always dancing between things.

Daydreamer Always thinking and always planning. Gabriella is always spacing out. Day dreaming of the next big city shes going to visit or the next sand that shes going to dig her feet into. Or perhaps shes day dreaming of one day meeting her father, or imagining what life would have bee like had her mother settled down. Her mind is always on the go and as such it makes it difficult for people to truly understand her.

Empathic While not being an empath herself, Gabriella is empathic to those around her. She absorbs others feelings of joy, happiness and sadness. The world can often overwhelm her, both in a good way, and a bad way. There is so much happening in the world at any given moment that it all becomes too much for her. This also got her a criminal record when she was 16 for breaking out some test animals at a local laboratory.

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