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FORECAST: With Summer coming to a close, expect the early signs of winter setting in, especially in the Glamour guild
set in summer/winter, 2017

Decon Sergious
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job: > protector
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Decon is very proficient with rune magic. Taught how to use them to protect, and hide. He has some latent powers he gained from his father. Mostly able to to cause shards of ice to shoot out when his anger gets the best of him, and cool things with his breath. He has very little control over his ice powers or his fae given abilities. He also has the abbility to see those who are close to death. Its like a haze around them.
Slave. Servent. That was exactly what he has known all of his slave. His name literally means slave and servant as well. Decon knew no different from the very first moment he was born. He was born into servitude. The lowest of the low. He was nothing. Dirt on the shoes of those above him. Dirt on the shoes of those who wished to crush him. He had no voice. He had no say in how his life was to be lead. He had nothing. He was a puppet to command. What he was told to do. He did. Without question. When you are raised from a very young age to do as you are told, then its inbred into you before you are able to know that its wrong. Not right, and by that stage any fight has left you. That was how Decon was for much of his life.

It wasn't all bad. His mother was a special and beautiful woman. A slave like he was, who had gained the attention of someone truly cruel and terrible. His father the great fae leader that rule the mansion with an ice cold fist. But his mother she was so kind. She would teach him magic whenever she had the time. Taught him an ancient, and mostly forgotten magic. She taught him how to use runes. Understand runes. She always told him to keep it secret. That he was not allowed to tell anyone. Including his father. Just the way he was never to tell anyone who his father was. Not that he understood why he would want to. His father, the terrible fae had two children who were clearly his. He could hardly get the two coloured eyes the same. Not the way his true children did. So the fact he was the man who had helped create him was hardly something he wanted to broadcast.

That was how his childhood went. He did what he was told and when he was told it. To the high standards of his father. If he failed, he faced the consequences. That was his life. He spoke only when spoken t. The only true times of his day that he enjoyed was when his mother would teach him his magic, or tell him his stories. The lessons that she taught him. Everything he knows he learned at her age. Things though began to change when the children of the fae duke ran. And Decon learned what fear truly was.

Whether it was anger that his true children had left him, or that his father was just that much of an evil man Decon doesn't Know, nor does he care. All he knows is that after Jocelyn and Jensen left. The duke turned his attention to his other son. The son he had always forgotten. The son he had ignored, unless it was to beat when he had done something wrong. Now though it became worse. Decon didn't know what he was trying to do. To teach him to heal, to strengthen him or become something he could mould and use. Whatever it was the lessons were harsh, cruel and unusual.

At first he taught him how to hold a sword. How to use a sword And with each mistake that sword would come to close. Another mark to add to his body. Then came the days e would be locked in his room, tied to his bed, or submerged in icy water. The worst came though when he was strapped to that bed and used. Used and abused in ways even now gives him nightmares. Whatever his father's plan had been though seemed to have worked because Decon was allowed to leave the fae realm he resided in. He was allowed to do his bidding. To punish those who had wronged him. To spread his name and good fortune.

Until one day he happened across the most beautiful of sights. A beautiful red headed woman who called herself leanan. She offered him a way out. A way to be a new man outside of his fathers influence. All he would have to do is pledge his loyalty to her, and his father would face a punishment beyond anything else. Decon had long lost hope that he would ever hold freedom again. He accepted the deal and has worked for Leanan ever since. Doing as she wishes, and he finds that her rule is a lot better and kinder than that of his father.


On first appearances Decon is cold, and brutal male, often brash in nature. He speaks little, and only when he thinks it is needed. It leads people to believe he has an higher opinion of himself than he actually does. He uses his fists to to the talking and when he does talk it is often with deep and harsh words. Few if any realize that what Decon does is nothing more than a front to cover the fact he doesn't know how to deal with any emotion that isn't cold and harsh. And truly it is the only one true emotion he knows how to emote.

If there is one thing that Decon knows how to do it is the strong silent type. He doesn't know how to communicate with people or build meaningful relationships with people. All he has known for half of his life is pain. Hardship and cruel and harsh words. Everything he has ever loved or cared for has been ripped from him.
Truly though all that Decon wishes is connections. Out there he has a family. One, that as far as he is aware had a much better upbringing than the one that he himself had. But despite that he wants to know them. They are the only family that he has left. Decon doesnt know what to expect when it comes to them, doesn't even know if he will have anything in common with them, but he knows he wants to actually try. He wants to actually get to know someone in his family who won't use him.

Although being used is all he is used to. All he knows. Even though Leanan gave him a lifeline she is still using him. He is still doing her bidding. Following her orders like a good little boy that he is. At heart Decon is someone who can be used. He doesn't tend to hold much loyalty to him because he has never had much loyalty given to him. He'l work for whoever gives him the best deal, and wherever he feels like hes getting whatever he desires the most even if on most days he doesn't quite know what that is.

Some would describe him as a coward, and he would no doubt agree with it on most days. Hes a man that deep at his heart is filled with fear. Fear that his father will return. Fear that he will be left alone again, that he's never going to make it in the world or find out truly who he is. He longs to find the place that would be his home. He just has no idea where to find it or how to go about getting it.

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