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Remiel Clarke
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age: > Ageless
species: > Seraphim
guild: > Host Of Heaven
status: > Single
job: > Millionaire/Overseer
group: > Otherworlders
trait: > Primordial Angel
trait: > Direct Line To God.
job: > Millionaire/Overseer
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All angel powers and weaknesses Plus.

Advanced Holy White Light

Remiel can create divine energy in her hand. She can control and concentrate allowing her to completely obliterate something or someone to only severely damaging it. It is one of the gifts bestowed upon her by god. It is one of most powerful gifts that god can bestow.

Super Strength -

As the first and one of the most powerfulist angels Remiel can exert or apply extreme immense amounts of physical force to people, objects, creatures, and beings

Super Stamina -

Remiel Vessel does not any thing to maintain their strength, to strive, or operate, as they are self-sufficient

Teleportation -

Remiel can disappear and reappear anywhere that's not sigil-protected instantly inculding heaven.

Apporting -

Remiel can teleport people, objects and lesser angels to wherever she needs.

Telepathy -
Remiel can read and feel/sense the thoughts of humans.


Remiel is able to use and control fire, but a souce of fire needs to be present that could be a match flame for example.

Weather Manipulation

Remiel can manipulate the weather.

Mental Projection

Remiel can communicate with humans by projecting her images into their minds.
Name: Remiel Clarke

Age: Ageless

Species: Seraphim

Sphere: first Sphere

Occupation : Host Of Heaven/ Millionaire


Now at first glance, you would have no idea that the girl you were looking at was an angel. Sure some angels wanted to dress like angels, but not Remi, she adopted a dark and stormy look. Meaning, she quite often wears a lot of dark style clothing: skirts, pants, and even the odd dress. Her eyes are blue, but she wears contacts that make them a lighter blue. It’s not that she does not like her eye colour, but blue is one of her favourite colours. Her hair is blonde, and she stands 5 ft 8 inches Her wings are the white with a hint of fire, not real fire, but it looks as if the tips our on fire.

Remiel is first and foremost an angel of the lord. Lore dictates that most angels are righteous and kind; where, in fact, some of them can be downright ruthless. But in the case of Remiel, the lore was correct, her time on earth has moulded her personality somewhat. She is kind and caring but can also be as ruthless as you would expect an angel to be. Her personality was formed based on what she had observed while she was among humans. Alongside the fact that she is an angel, so she was naturally a right minded person.

However, if you befriend her and then remain on good terms with her then she would count you as one of her friends, bearing in mind she loves her father, so if you talk shit about him, you’re going to end up on her bad side. But when it comes to her siblings, she is always respectful; even if they do not always show her the same respect in return. She is also known to be a damn good tactician, always unpredictable in her actions and can outwit her opponents and always remains one step ahead of them

She is more than able to trick angels and demons and other supernaturals. She has never tried to outsmart a god as of yet, but it’s on her to-do list. Now Remiel is close to most of her siblings, One thing that makes her stand out from other angels just so happens to be that she finds it easy to forgive but never to forgets. One could say that Remiel has two faces, the one that she shows when she's dealing with angels and one when she is dealing with her fellow Sephs and her father. Remiel has two different personalities, and sometimes she can be as innocent and other times as ruthless as Lucifer himself could be. She quite often uses the character that fits the person she is talking to

For example, if she is talking to her father and siblings she is respectful and humble; but if it comes to speaking with a demon, then she would treat them as what they are abominations. After all, they were the sole reason why Lucifer had the chance to harm humanity as he needed an army just like Heaven did. However, if she was ever to meet Lucifer face to face deep down, she had no idea how she would feel. On the one hand, he tore her family to pieces, but he is also her brother.


Remiel was born and created in heaven alongside her fellow, archangels. With one difference she had chosen to use a female Host. She watched as the rest of the angels were created. It was a sight that she would forever remember they were so lost and confused when they were first created. Soon after her creation, she began to carry out her duties alongside that of her brothers and sisters. Now each one of the Sephs had their functions and for the first couple million years, or so she had remained in heaven going about her day to day activities, and then war was declared.

It was the one day that she would never forget. Her brother Lucifer caused an uprising that resulted in Remiel killing many of her siblings. But as always the forces of good pushed back the tide of the darkness and cast out what was left of the renegade angels alongside Lucifer. Heaven, however, would never fully recover from the war as its effects would ripple through the fabric of time itself. But as always Remiel carried on following her father’s orders alongside her fellow angels minus Lucifer.

The fight to protect heaven took its toll on everyone, but the archangels felt the worst as at the dawn of time they were all one big family, and then Lucifer had to go and screw all that up by starting a war that forced remiel to kill her kind. She can never forgive him for his sins, but he is still her brother, so she still loves him to a point. One thing that she did pick up from Lucifer was if someone that close to her could turn away from the light then there is no telling if others might do the same.

Now Remiel is one of commanding angels, and alongside the others, she sees to it that heaven remains calm but also watches over the earth. Ever since her brother was cast out, she could no longer keep him in check. Maybe if she was able to talk Lucifer down the fight might never have happened, and they would all still be a family. But all good things come to an end.

Remiel has also been present for most major events, even if she was not directly involved she was always around watching and observing. For example, she was present for the burning bush and the plagues of Egypt; she might not have agreed with what her father did to humanity. But she knew that they needed to learn the hard way and sometimes humanity needed to know that they reap what they sow.
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