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FORECAST: With Summer coming to a close, expect the early signs of winter setting in, especially in the Glamour guild
set in summer/winter, 2017

Persephone Deveraux
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With ancient rituals allowing Morgana Le Fey to become immortal, her powers are vast., although with each reincarnation she just relearn all she once knew, it comes easier to her each rebirth.

Healing: Persephone is an excellent healer. She can heal almost any wound that she comes across. There are two ways for her to do this of course. The first is taking it upon herself. Which can be extremely taxing on herself. So the worse the injury is, the weaker she will become. Her favourite way of healing though is using her cult of followers to draw on their strength, which means the weakening is split between all of them, allowing her to heal greater wounds and those closer to death. Persephone can bring people back from the dead, but even she can not break the laws of magic. It is a life, for a life. Which means to bring someone back, she has to exchange a life.

Vision One of her weaker abilities, but Persephone can glance into the future. Great concentration must take place though for her to glance great distances into the future. Her main thing though is glancing into the past. Seeing the histories of those around her.

ShiftingPersephone can take the form of a magnificent raven. Allowing her to travel great distances. The Raven is the only form she can take and she can do so with great ease.

CursesThere is nothing worse than a woman scorned. The same can be said for Persephone. She can come up with amazing and interesting curses. It is the one thing that she is perfect at. There is truly nothing that she can not do when it comes to Persephone. So never annoy her.

I could feel my heart hammering beneath my naked chest, caught the way the swell of my breasts heaved in tune with my breathing. They said this was an honour. That to be chosen for such a task was the highest order of the coven. That only the brightest, the most powerful were chosen. Then why did it not feel like an honour? Why did it feel as if my life was about to end. This life. It was all i knew. Raised in this coven. Raised with the ancestors within my mind. Their rituals and their importance. My life was hardly grande. Raised to be smart, raised to know the powers i would be inheriting. How to handle them. How to perform them. To be the most powerful.

They say it is an honour.

That i should be thankful.

I am not.

I am afraid.

My life is ending.

A new one is to begin.

I can hear chanting now. Out in the distance. Soon my door will open. The elders in the robes will enter and they will lead me into the ceremonial room. I can already smell the ire. Can all but see the fire in the room. The candles. The smell of the fire as it burns at your throat. They will all look at me. All of their eyes will be on me as i enter the circle of blood and bones. They will chant louder, and louder. They say it will not hurt. But surely it must? Surely the idea of someone else inhabiting your body, taking over who you are must hurt. Surely becoming someone else, losing who you are had to hurt. If not then who truly were you?

As if on quea the door to my chambers opened. They ignored my naked flesh, handing me the gold chain to go around my neck. The ruby flashed in the light. An essence of something swirled within. I could almost feel her within there. Warming my flesh. My chin rose, squared as i let out a slow breath. This was it. There was no turning back now. This was where i ended, and she began.

Two elders stood before me, two behind, flanking either side of me as they led me to the ceremonial room. The closer we moved, the louder the chanting became. When i entered the circle of blood and bone flames erupted around me. It licked at my skin, fanned the chants around. They grew louder, and louder with each second. I could feel the heat rising in me. Brought down to my knees, there was something inside of me. Something that hungered for freedom.

Louder and louder the chants became. There was a burning, a searing within my chest. An overwhelming feeling of suffocating. Louder and louder and louder until there was nothing. Nothing at all.

That was when my life ended. Or perhaps it was when it truly began.

- - - - -

“You have returned” The first face Morgan Le Fey saw in this life was his. It was always his. So powerful, so majestic as he walked through the fires towards her. He felt almost comforting as his hand reached for her cheek. Cupping his cheek with a soft smile as he looked down at her. “You are going to be truly magnificent. Now rise”

Without his help she stood, her body rising from the ground. She glanced down at her body. She was younger this time. Perhaps 16. She would have many years to grow into her powers, her abilities. They would become stronger over time. As she looked out over at her followers, she could feel it. This time would be different. This time it would work.

Pietro raised her from that moment on. To be strong. To be dependent. Powerful and unafraid, seductive and coy. How to lead, and destroy. How to bring this world to its knees. If i wanted it, i could take it. All i had to do was reach for it.

As she had done a thousand times before she sought out the leader of the Glamour, whispered into their ears, seduced them to her bed, and then, when the time was right she destroyed them. Only this time it happened sooner than she had expected it to. The male she ended up marrying grew tired of Pietro’s rule. Tired of living in the shadow of something he would never become. Ending his life for her was easy. What was proving difficult was his son. But she had never failed Pietro yet. The one who granted her eternal life. She would not begin to now.
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