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Damian Bishop-Dawson
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Conjuration: Damian has the natural ability to communicate with the dead. He can summon spirits. Only those willing. A rule that he himself put into place for himself. Summoning the long dead wraiths and spirits to attack those that he wishes.

Abjuration: Protection magic. Wards and such that he can put in place to ward off evil spirits, and the more physical threats. A mystical forcefield. Damian studied Abjuration to help him control and contain his gifts in the darker arts of Conjuration. A fitting balance so he doesn't fall into the darkness.

If Damian is anything he's brooding. He often times sits and thinks. Just sitting and trying to figure out the impossible. Be it a case he's working on, or just trying to figure out how things will play out in a certain situation he's in. Damian is a thinker. It's what he does best. Aside from kick ass. He's a natural charmer. People often tell him he got that from his dad. The guy could insult you one second then turn you into his best friend with a smile and a kind word.

His cunning mind always thinks ten steps ahead. He has a mean streak a mile long when you threaten innocent people, and he can be rather rough around the edges. Sometimes not able to hide the roll of his eyes or his grunt if you say something he doesn't like. Damian isn't quick to throw a punch. He's lightening fast to do so. His temper can get the best of him, but he's easily calmed down by the one man he loves. Junior. His husband.


Most orphans would say they don't remember their parents. What they sounded like. What they looked like. Damian wasn't that kind of orphan. His parents were higher ups in the Authority. Odessa and Tristan Dawson. They found love somehow in this crazy city, and worked with their good friends Luke and Kaci Bishop under Victor Frost the Night Commander. When Damian was only 4 years old he remembered the sky turning broken and black. It was raining blood, and a powerful Demon of Hell had raised the city to the ground. It was up to the Authority to save the day. It was a story he heard countless times. About how his father made the armor that Victor Frost had gone into battle with. That his mother and father died standing side by side with the Night Commander himself. Their sacrifice stopping the Archduke of Hell long enough for Victor Frost to get the crushing blow on him.

Adopted by Luke and Kaci Bishop they already had a little one of their own. Luke Bishop Junior. Now Junior and him were friendly he supposed. He never changed his name. A little too old to tell him he came from Luke and Kaci. He had a lot of pictures and videos of his parents. Though at a young age he realized he didn't need them. He realized pretty early on that he wasn't like the other children. He could see the Dead. His parents among those ranks. They would talk to him. Help him when he was feeling low and down. Luke and Kaci tried but the first year they had him he didn't say a word. To anyone. Until Junior came up to him and demanded they play together. It was the first time that he spoke in over a year, but it wasn't the last time he'd see his birth parents.

He'd see them all throughout his life. Going to grade school and when he was having a hard time. It happened less and less, and he learned to instead rely on Luke and Kaci as his parents. When he was about 16 Junior started to act out. No one knew why. Not even Damian. Suddenly he didn't call him his brother anymore. Just Damian. Refusing to saying that he wasn't his real brother. It was a tense part in their friendship, but as time passed and Damian started to master his own powers. He realized that maybe Junior was different like he was. He ran around with some of the girls in school, but his eyes always lingered on the other kids on the football team. Watching them get changed and all that. It was about when he was 17 that he went into his room, and Junior was passed out after coming home late. Way past his curfew. Having shared a room with the guy for years he knew when he was asleep. So as any 17 year old did he started to handle some business. Only when he looked over at Junior. He was trying not to watch but it was pretty obvious he was aroused. Damian beckoned him over, and it was the first time they had done anything together.

Over the course of high school and college Junior and Damian were inseparable. In something of a secret relationship. Damian didn't want to get kicked out of the Bishop house for fooling around with their only son. It wasn't they went to the Academy before Uncle Luke sat them down and told them both that he knew. He'd known for a long time and if they were happy together then that was all they could ask for. Of course they were happy. They'd kept their love life private for this long. Damian didn't want to know if Junior had been with anyone else. Truly he wasn't sure, but that was when Junior was in his bad spot. When he didn't feel accepted and a part of the world, and it didn't matter now. They married young. Now they run the deep organization within the Authority. They live in a nice private house, and they couldn't be happier.

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