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Jackson Winters
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Jackson has the ability to open the wounds, both mental and physical of the people he meets, making them as if they had just happened even if the wound happened years ago. Excellent marksmanship, hand to hand combat as well as abLe to fly a helicopter.
When Jackson came to otherwhere he thought he would be able to move on from the life he had been starting to live in the normal world. He came to otherwhere for a fresh start. Somewhere that he could perhaps pretend to be normal. Not an anomaly, or a danger to those around him. Otherwhere was supposed to be somewhere he could blend in and forget the blood upon his hands. Although truly Jackson doubted anything he did he would ever be able to change that. Make him forget. Nothing. There was too much blood on his hands to ever forget. Even in otherwhere. The city of wonder and intrigue. For a long time Jackson got his wish as well. Otherwhere was somewhere strange. New. Different. It was everything he he needed, and he was able to blend in with the civilians of the city. Settle himself down with a nice cosy home on the edge of central park, hook up with an old mentor. Find himself a new job.

Otherwhere became a place that just glossed over his past life. Became a front for the life he was trying to leave behind. Truly it was no different from the mundane world. Just another place. Different faces. But the same problems. The mundane world had started out well enough for him. Born in Alaska to a military family. Jackson was well loved, and it was only right that he would follow in the footsteps of his father. His mom was always trying to get Jackson out of his rigid routines, and obsessive qualities. But while one parent was pushing him to be a normal child, the other was pushing him to routine, and order. Jackson didn't get to see his dad often, so he gravitated towards him. Wanting to please him and make him happy when ever he was around. He'd clean all the time, make sure everything was always organized. Kept the garage in tip top shape for when his fthr came home. They always worked on cars and bikes and helicopters whenever his dad was home.

Jackson loved his life. He did well in school, joined the swim team, joined the track team, and when he was old enough and he graduated school, he applied to the military as well. He wanted to pursue the military life, and he was always very clear with the women in his life that his military career was going to come first. Always. He pushed his way through the military. Becoming a pilot. It was where his heart belonged.

Truly he didn't know at which stage his life changed. When things began coming to a head. When his father died when he was stationed over seas. God he could still remember that call. His mother had rang and he had known instantly something was wrong. He went home for the funeral. But something just felt wrong. Everywhere felt so empty. So cold. In a way he supposed the obsessiveness came from dealing with the pain. The stressor was just his fathers death.

Or was it the day he was shot down over enemy lines when he was on a rescue mission. When he was rescued from the wreckage. When he almost killed the person who had been trying to save him. Was that the moment his life changed. Or, was it the moment he learned that so far the whole world was different than what he had thought. As it turned out the world was a dark place filled with people, and beings. Yes, you heard that right. Beings. As in supernatural beings. Monsters, the things that went bump into the night. Vampires, and werewolves. Things that had been kept from the world by some magical barrier which was no longer active, and how these things needed to be stopped. Put down. Destroyed. And that was where he came into it.

After that his life became hard. So hard. He headed up a special task force that had been designed with one purpose in mind. Take out those things that went bump into the dark before the public learned the truth. Soon his life became a bunch of nameless and faceless people. With blood on his hands as they stared up at him. Life after life. Death after death. They were all on his hands. Not even knowing why. Just following orders given to him. There was no way out of him. Until an old mentor from his days in training gave him a way out. Someone who shoo him up and told him this was not the way for him to live. That those beings he was killing had names, they had faces. They had lives, and families.

Jackson left for Otherwhere. A place where his mentor was able to prove everything he was telling him. That these supernatural beings could live in harmony with mortals and that truly they were not as bad as the humans themselves. They were just the same, and in this city he was not an anomaly. He was just normal, and it felt kind of nice. There were the problems of course. The Authority were about as useless as Jackson had seen anyone be, and the Templetons were so on high they couldn't see the problems there was. But his mentor had a solution for that as well. Honour and Valour was the guild he ran. Where the streets were a little more modern, similiar to the mundane world, and was ran as such. With real police and everything. With their own laws, their own rules, and their own solutions to the city. You came into their guild and did crap, then you paid the price for that. Their guild even went outside of that as well. They brought justice to other areas of the city as well. Finally he had a place to be himself. Even if his mistakes never left him. He would always live with them.

After ten years, he was given the guild to run when his mentor died. He is determined more than ever to lead the guild, and bring some form of true proper justice to the city that so desperately needs it.


Jackson is military through and through, despite the fact he is no longer in the military. But the order and attitude had been built into him long before he joined the military which had made him a prime subject to become one of the best soldiers the military had. Jackson lives his life with strict order and regime.

Jackson is a natural born leader, his father having been in the military since he was very young; when Jackson did see his father it was always to do male bonding sessions, which his father said would build character. Jackson had order integrated in his life from a very early age. His father hated things being out of order and soon so did Jackson developing OCD at a very young age. Jackson sees the world as obstacles that he much beat and do to his take charge nature, and his natural ability to take in information around him, he is the perfect candidate to take charge. He has the ability to think on his feet and take charge of situations and makes quick, snap judgment calls.

He hates mistakes and doesn’t abide by people that make mistakes he knows could have been avoided. He’s a straight talking person, who doesn’t stop and think about people’s feelings. He will tell you what you did wrong and he will expect you to change it, if you don’t he will give you the talking down of your life. He has no regrets nor does he care if what he says to you affects what you think nor do. Jackson doesn’t see other people as people and has no respect for their feelings, nor actually does he realize what he’s doing in response to them. He has little patience and he doesn’t like people testing the boundaries he clearly sets to them from the very start of meeting someone. The key things to know about Jackson is he is intimidating, overbearing and forceful.

Jackson is filled with power which leads him to self-alienation, something he doesn’t even do consciously, but he has no trust for anyone around him, thanks to being let down and used by everyone in his life. He does know how to care for people though, he choices not to, viewing any feeling as a weakness. He hides from them, pushing any sign of feelings to the back of his mind and pretending they aren’t there. Jackson loves people that stick up to him, it is the one way to gain their respect, because god knows Jackson doesn’t make it easy, coming as intimidating as he is. His home is filled with strict order, perfectly furnished, everything in strict order, he won’t normally let someone into his home that he doesn’t know, or respect, preferring the quiet, and alone life. Jackson is a straight to the point, hard talking individual, with a deep mistrust of authority. .

Jackson has the ability to open the wounds, both mental and physical of the people he meets, making them as if they had just happened even if the wound happened years ago. Excellent marksmanship, hand to hand combat as well as abLe to fly a helicopter.
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