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Adeline Templeton
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Adeline is a magic user. She is apt at barrier, protection spells and the like. She is also able to see the heartbeat of someone, or, their magical essence.
When asked to describe Adeline Templeton many people would describe her differently. But a lot of them would say many of the same things. Beautiful is the first thing they would say about her. How her beauty is without words and knows no bounds. Yet her cold interior makes it hard for anyone to truly get close to her. That she is emotionless. She speaks her minds, her worlds calculating. Strong and sure. Each word like a barb. A jab that is meant to hurt, or maim. Yet, those words can sooth any wound, can sway any mind to her way of thinking. She is not a woman swayed by emotional whims, but cold calculating facts. Her actions are based solely around need. She will seduce if it gets her where she needs to. She will make deals if it gains her favour. Some say sher attitude is due to her upbringing. The Templetons have led the city for as long as anyone can remember. And as all Templetons have been, Adeline was raised with power, money and prestige that comes with the Templeton name.

Growing up she has had everything she could ever possibly want or need. She never wanted for anything. Raised around her brother and sister Adeline was the perfect little child. She rarely ever cried. Just seemed to sit there and stared at those around her. Her hazel hues missed nothing as she watched them. Even as a small child she just took them all in. And before long she quickly knew if she wanted something she should go to her big brother. Her parents wasn’t bad, but her father was hardly ever around, far to busy with his work, or, as she grew older, the woman that slipped in and out of his bed. Her mother, well, she was uncertain who her mother was except some Fae. No doubt someone low on the chain, even if her father would have her believe it was someone high up in the Autumn court. She had her brothers wrapped around her little finger with ease. But especially her older brother Mathias.

Adeline grew close to her brother over the years. When she needed help it was her brother who was able to help her. Exceptionally smart Adeline knew that her brother was the person to back over time, and she did. She backed him. But it was through her brother that she realized her hardest lessons of all time. The first lesson was simple. Something no doubt at one stage or another all Templetons learned. When you had power, and sat on a seat of ultimate power, people wanted to use you and that was that. She saw it with the women who laid with her father, and the woman who whispered in the ear of her brother. She tried to warn him, but he refused to listen. He was always far top stubborn, but he had a plan and it was one she approved of. It turned out in the end she didn’t know her brother half as much as she thought she did. So at a tender age of just 18 her world came crashing down when her brother turned out to be a traitor She was out of favour and out of luck. Her father would have sold her out if he thought it would have worked. So she became even colder. Harsher.

A woman always in control Adeline worked on her own plan to get on top. Something that in her own way would have put her father on her leash even if he didn’t know it. She created M.O.D, or for most, Magical oversight Department, the monitoring of magic in Otherwhere. Keeping a check on those who use magic, those registered to use the darker magics, and ensuring that no one abuses their power, and if they do, then they are sent to Nowhere. Her father despises the position of power she has, but the Congress of Guilds always refuses to vote against her. As much as they hate the department, they know that she is a better friend, than enemy. And she has a lot of people in power in her pocket….or is she in their pocket? Who knows really.

A control freak in all areas of her life Adeline refuses to bow to anyone. To answer to anyone. At the end of the day what she wants goes. The power she has she refuses to hand to anyone. And if one person thinks they can control her she proves them wrong. Shes does what is needed to get where she needs to be. In all aspects of her life she is in control. She is the one in charge. People just don’t really know it yet. She uses sex and power to get to the top. Makes deals with those she knows can help her, and at the end of he day everything she does benefits one person only. Her. At the end of it she will be on top. Whether her fathers likes it or not.
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