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 A Heroes Lemon Square, Jackson
Miri Dauffyr
Half Disir
CONTENT: Okay with
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It sounded corny as all hell, but she had dreamed about this man. She'd dreamed about this Jackson guy. Miri was standing in front of her full length mirror in her room. Looking at the nice tight red dress that she had on. It went down very low to reveal her sexy cleavage. Nice and tight. She rolled a finger through it with a smirk. The leggy blonde was bound to turn heads in this no doubt about that. Her long blonde hair flowed almost perfectly out. Licking her lips to get some of the excess lip gloss off of her lips. Turning around to see the swell of her ass in this tight red dress. Smirking to herself. She'd dreamed about the man. Not in a sexual way. Though he was so handsome that she would have wanted him on the payroll. That next she remembered going to Maeve. Who was more then a little worried about her. Miri was tough though. She had survived a lot in her life, and she could move past this. The men. God the smell of the place. She'd been tied up. Chained like an animal. The men came in and looked at her like she was a piece of meat. Unbuckled their pants and were on top of her flopping around. She'd learned a long time ago that it didn't work if you fought back. It would just make it hurt more. So she had laid there. Turned her head so that the pillow that was sometimes put over her face didn't take away her ability to breath. She had tried to block it out. The bite marks were finally healing at least. Two weeks in hell. In absolute Hell. She wished she could forget that place, but the one shining light had been when Jackson Winters. Guild leader of Honor and Valor had come in and saved the day. Saved her and the others. He knew who she had worked for. Probably from Ezra who was always sweet to her. Not sweet on her. Lord knew that man was wrapped around his wife's finger. From the amount of times that his wife would come into his office,and leave with her clothes all messed up Miri could see why. She could see why Ezra pined over the girl so much. Plus she was a total knock out. Miri didn't often see another woman and say damn she was fine, but Gabriella Mason? She was as fine as fine could be she really was.

Jackson had brought her back to Ravencrown immediately. The girls were always so nice. Some of them were her closest friends. To be fair Miri didn't have many of them, but the girls at Ravencrown always felt like family to her. She'd never had a family before so she could only assume that they acted like family to the blonde. Who knew really, but Miri wasn't worried about it. She had been brought in by Jackson. He had been so respectful of her. Didn't eye her up while she was at her weakest. The guy even made sure that no one really saw her when she was coming in. No one would see her at her absolute worst. Their was a knock on her door. "Come in." She said softly still making sure her outfit was perfect. Smiling over at Maeve. "My my. Whose the lucky man?" Miri smiled over at Maeve. Her friend. Her dearest sister really. They weren't related by any means, but their was a common bond between them thanks to their common blood within the dark Fae. Even if the Disir were only slightly Fae. They worked for mommy dearest so Maeve and her had a close bond. "Hopefully Jackson Winters. I'm going to surprise him and repay him for his kindness. Do you think he tastes as good as he looks? I'm pretty damn sure he looks delicious too. Did you see all those hard muscles. I've been wanting to thank him, and really fucking his brains out is the best idea." She said still admiring herself in the mirror. Maeve closed the door and she looked like she was going to actually laugh. "Dear. My dearest Miri. He's um... taken. He's dating that sexy black haired guy Bruce. He's bisexual and firmly declined the many offers from the girls when he dropped you off." Miri frowned deeply at the woman's words. So Jackson wasn't going to be able to get the thank you present she had wanted to give him? Well that just sucked. The guy looked like a serious good time. The broody guys always fucked the hardest, and he looked like the kind of guy that could bend you over backwards with how good he'd fuck you. Hm. Miri frowned slightly. She'd have to think of another way to thank him.. but how was she supposed to do that? Tilting her head and her long blonde hair fell down her back slightly.

Looking over at Maeve she sighed. "Well if I can't give him this gift then how am I supposed to repay him for saving my life May? How do you even thank someone for that? Like is their some kind of gift basket for it? Thanks for saving my life here's some lotion and cheese?"' She said with a little laugh, but she was kind of serious. How was she supposed to thank this guy for saving her life? Oh the brothers were already claiming they had a hand in saving her, and she believed them but it had been Jackson that had taken her. Jackson that had put his jacket around her, and made her feel like a person again for the first time in two weeks. Maeve smiled gently at her. She always had that gentle almost motherly smile about her. Their was no doubt in her mind that Maeve was going to be an amazing mother. Even if the latin beauty wasn't sure of it herself. Miri knew that how she treated the girls she would easily treat her daughter ten times better. You were more then your parents. That was something Miri learned young in life. You were always going to be more then them. You just had to rise to the occasion. "Why don't you stop by the bakery and pick him up something good? Maybe just talk to the guy. I'm sure he'd love to see how you're doing. He seemed very concerned for you. You're not the only Ring victim he's saved." Maeve with her bright ideas. Really what would Miri do without her? Shrugging Miri figured it was worth a shot. After giving her raven haired sister a big hug and kiss. Sliding her feet into her matching red heels she made her way to the bakery. Men stopped and stared. She smiled at them. It was good to be back out on the streets of Otherwhere again. It was nice to feel eyes on you. Focusing on where you wanted them to look. Being oggled for her perfection. It was nice honestly. She never thought she'd feel that way again, but here she was. Back on the prowl. Finally feeling a bit more like herself thanks to the scars and the bruises finally healing. It was the first step on a recovery. She still slept with the lights on. If she slept at all, but she'd slowly started to get back into the swing of things. Really she felt better when she was on a date, and the man wanted her to sleep over. Even if the sex was hardly worth her trouble at least she knew she would be safe and sound in their bed until the morning came.

She knew her way around Ravencrown, and she knew the bakery that Michael Frost had opened up. It was the newest hot spot, and seeing that handsome face either Michael or Damian Bishop always made Miri smile. She had no idea what to get Jackson. Truthfully she didn't know at all. Michael helped her though. He was a good man. Which was rare, but Maeve loved him so much. Not that she had a shot in hell with the man, but she always minded herself around him. If she was ever thought to hit on the guy Maeve would read her the riot act, and that would be her getting off lucky. Michael was a good man, and he deserved the happiness that he had in his life. He told her that everyone seemed to like the lemon squares. So she figured a half dozen of them, and half a dozen mini apple strudels would be perfect. Right? Lord she hoped this guy liked sweets because this was seriously her plan B. After thanking Michael she walked out, and took a teleporter into Honor and Valor. It took a bit, but she got there. It looked so..normal. Their weren't all of these crazy things happening around her. In fact she wondered if that was the point of this place. A little normal in this city of crazy. After looking at some of the maps she finally found her way to the main precinct that she hoped Jackson worked in. What if he wasn't there? Heels clicked on the hardwood floor of the precinct as she approached the front desk. The young guy behind the counter was looking more then a little busy. "Sign in sheet." He pointed without looking up. Placing the box onto the counter and signing her name. "Pardon me. Where is Jackson Winters office?" She said and the guy looked up, and then his eyes turned two sizes larger. He tried to talk but only air came out. Making some funny noises he looked right at the flashing cleavage she had on display. Smiling down at the young stud she flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder. "Jackson Winters? Does he work here handsome?" The guy's eyes widened even more and he pointed the to corner office. Taking the box she winked at him and smiled. She was pretty sure that she heard the male whisper I love you as she walked by. The men stopped and stared at her as they tried to continue their work. She smiled at them, and one of them nearly poured coffee all over himself. Knocking on his door she opened and smiled at the man behind the desk. "Hi..um. I don't know if you remember me. I'm Miri Dauffyr. You saved my life last week, and I... well I've been wanting to repay you for it." Closing the door and she placed the box onto his desk. Flicking her hair back to one side she sighed heavily. "I was told that baked goods are equal to thank you sex since you're taken. I at least hope you enjoy looking. I put on this dress just for you Mr. Winters." She said looking over at him with her big hazel eyes and a smile.

Jackson Winters
Honour and Valour
Detective and Soldier
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The man in front of him was nearing 60 and still looked half as good as some of the men in this gym, if not better than most, and he handled himself just as good as well.Taking each blow that Jackson dealt him, and gave them back just as hard. Sometimes Jackson looked at the male and forgot just how old he was getting. But he stayed in tip top shape. Always, kept himself well groomed and well trained. Back in the day Noah Bishop was a force to be reckoned with. Jackson had fought side by side with one once, a long time ago. Most men lost their edge as they got older. But Noah? He kicked ass with the best of them. Put a lot of the guys in his gym to damn shame. Which just showed with how many had stopped their own workout and training session to see what was going down. You didn’t get to see two pros go at it very often. So when it happened everyone stopped and took notice. Honestly Jackson was just glad his old friend was in town. With everything that was changing around them, it was hard to actually get some down time. Jackson had always looked up to him. Honestly Noah was the type of guy you wanted to be. He had it all in the bag as well. He had the husband. A man that he loved more than anything else in the world, a younger guy as well, but the love between them was leaps and bounds above what most people could boast. And from what Jackson had heard from Silas Noah was no old man in the sack either. They had a family that was filled with love as well, their own kids that had the best life anyone could ever want. In a way Noah reminded Jackson of himself. Noah had a tough start to life, lost someone he loved and became an alcoholic. Had it not been for Silas there was no telling where he would have ended up in the end. But he came out the other side. Found love. And was leading the life that he had always wanted to lead. He was strong and determined and he backed one of the largest firms Otherwhere had seen. Jackson was honoured to be able to call the male friend, and if he was able to do it Jackson had hopes for himself.

“So i heard from a little birdy that you might have finally settled down” Jackson chuckled as he jumped back to dodge the hit that Noah threw his way, throwing out his own. “A little birdy wouldn’t happen to be your daughter would it? Shes been hanging around the precinct an awful lot lately. I heard you were planning on staying in the city” it would be nice to have his friends back in the city. With James dying and Jacksons dad no longer with them, it was kind of lonely in the city now. Honestly he was glad Bruce had come back. He was glad that he had connected with him. Maybe sometimes bad things had to happen for good things to make sense to you. It was kind of a stupid notion if you asked Jackson, why could you not just have happy. Why did bad things have to happen to be able to appreciate the good. But whatever, good was happening and Jackson could appreciate that now. “Bruce is a good kid. Always used to sneak around when we were training together” Hearing it from someone else made Jackson chuckle, shaking his head ever so slightly with a slight blush. Bruce had told him as such, but from someone who had seen it as well, it was kind of shocking. “My, my is that a blush i see on your ace Jackson, damn you got it bad. Yes, Silas and I are coming back to the city, we’re both getting older, we want to be with family” Old, those pair? Pfft, although he did have to say that sometimes he did forget how old Noah was, despite his obviously grey hair and wrinkles, but even those were not someone that was in their 60’s. “Well it will be good to have you back in town man. Maybe you can take a look at this case im working on. We could always do with a second pair of eyes” Ending the sparr match they both headed to the showers and agreed on when he would come round. Noah had a keen eye. He had dealt with shit like this before, so Jackson was thankful to be able to have him on board if he was being honest. This was one of those cases that never left you. No matter how hard you tried.

Jackson was all work when he got back to the office, pouring through the files. He and Ezra had been busy at work. He was still uncertain with some of the stuff they were having to do, but if it was going to help them bring down the Ring, then that was all that mattered at the end of the day. Ezra was a damn good guy. If he thought he could do this then that was fine by him.. This was going to help them do what was needed. Bring the ring down for good. “Mr Winters, Julia Andrews has finally woken up” Jackson smiled and nodded his head “Thats Bryce. Let the hospital know ill be down as soon as i can” Julia Andrews was another victim of the ring. She had been found on the streets of Otherwhere, beaten so severely that it had been almost impossible to recognize her, and had it not been for fingerprints they might not have been able to recognize her at all. It made Jacksons blood boil that there were people out there that was doing horrible things to these women. God he just wanted to put a stop to them already. Give women like Julia and Isabella some peace. Know that they were safe. He was just finishing his reports when there was a knock at the door. He angled his head up and blinked. Face erupting into a smile. “Of course i remember you Mirir. You are looking good” He complimented standing up to greet her. Blinking as he looked at her. Truly he hadn’t even noticed what she was wearing. He wasn’t the type of man to look. “Well you look beautiful. But Miri you really did not need to thank me. Seeing you well is thanks i need. But thank you” Reaching for what she had brought him. Good lord Lemon squares. He loved them, instantly reaching inside for one. “These are my favorites how did you know?” He questioned shoving the box over towards her so she could take one to.

“I was actually about to head out...you know, if you wouldn’t mind, would you like to come with me? I have to go and question a victim, and i think a female face would be better for her” Glancing over at Miri to see what she would say. Would she even want to see another victim? Licking his lips as he took another bite out of the lemon squares “These are the best. Like seriously good, thank you so much” Leading her out of his office and towards his car park. “If this gets to much at any stage Miri you don’t have to do it” He assured her, opening up the passenger seat for her to get in before sliding into the drivers seat. “So Miri how have you been Miri? I hope everything ha been okay, if not i can knock some heads together”


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