Welcome to Otherwhere! Mystical and magical, deadly and deceptive. Otherwhere offers it all, where the power hungry come to settle, and magic users come to try and feel normal in a city filled with the strange. In Otherwhere you can expect anything, and have everything. Please register with an occ account and a character account.
FORECAST: With Summer coming to a close, expect the early signs of winter setting in, especially in the Glamour guild
set in summer/winter, 2017

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 Rules, Must Read
Graphics and c0ding
being adminy
CONTENT: Yes to the M
  • You must be 18 years of age to join Otherwhere. As should any characters you created. As such all face claims should also be 18 years of age.
  • Please register with an out of character account. Any account you make after this will be your character accounts. Once you make your character account then you are able to link these accounts to your out of character account. This makes it easier on everyone when it comes to tagging threads and pms.
  • We have no character limit, or a word count limit.
  • Please note that pms are limited to player accounts only.
  • Otherwhere uses a behind the scenes activity check, if we have not seen you within one month then your threads and characters will be archived. (never deleted)
  • Please be aware that Meta Gaming is a huge no no on Otherwhere. This is using information you know out of character, in character. God modding however should always be discussed before hand and if someone says no, it means no.
  • Thread templates are allowed. All text should be 12px+. No hovers at all for replies. Also be mindful of templates you are using, no light on light text, or dark with super dark text, the same goes for super bright text on dark backgrounds.
  • When using the cbox please make sure that you are not spamming or advertising. Do not harass members for posts. If someone is uncomfortable with a topic be mindful and stop discussing it.
  • Aviators should be 210x400, signatures should be no wider than 500. If images are not the right size this is perfectly fine an admin will adjust them for you.
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