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FORECAST: With Summer coming to a close, expect the early signs of winter setting in, especially in the Glamour guild
set in summer/winter, 2017

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 Power Positions, Come and take them
Power Positions and Roles
Below is a listing of current power positions and roles within the site. These positions can be taken unless otherwise stated. All faces are tottally open to whoever is taken. A brief description is given to give you an idea about these roles, but outside of this any and all information is open for whoever is taking them.

Authority Leaders

The supreme (Tobias Templeton)RESERVED Undisputed leader of Otherwhere. Though the Congress of Guilds equal him in power and might. The Supreme has final say in all matters, and angering him can be career suicide. The current Supreme is Tobias Templeton. An aging but still very handsome man that loves to live a life of decadence and style. He always has a new young woman each week. Month if they're lucky. All of his children are from different mothers. The Supreme has to be cunning to match the deceptive ability of the Fae Lords in Evermire, and the Lilu Dukes and Duchesses of Grave Falls. In all ways Otherwhere often shapes itself to the personality of the Supreme. Once Tobias finally uses up all of his time. Even if he uses magic to prolong his life their can never be an Immortal as Supreme. Once he steps down another will be selected Tobias. If the Congress of Guild believes their should be another outside of the family taken into consideration then it will go up for a vote between the people.

Night Commander (Victor Frost) - NPC (not open) The stern and stoic Victor Frost is the muscle to the Authority. He leads the Night Watch of the Authority. A man that trained with Gods of War, and Gods of Peace. A powerful and imposing man well into his 60's. Though he barely looks 50. Blessed by the Archangel Michael to bring good into this city. He is a staunch opponent to any kind of evil. Not able to be corrupted or swayed by bribes. Where the Night Watch may be the most open for corruption the Night Commander tries his best to root out the evils of this city. From within or without. Some say that the recent prosperity of the common people in Otherwhere is upon his shoulders, and his unflinching resolve.

Magical Oversight Department (Adeline Templeton) - Taken Adeline Templeton has not had the best reputation when it comes to Otherwhere. Daughter of Tobias Templeton she made a grand mistake when she sided with her brother, Matthias the Terrible Templeton. He did some terrible and unspeakable things. It took her a great while to build her reputation back up, but now that she has she is running the magical Oversight Department. Policing the magic within the city and ensuring that no one is misusing the magic of Otherwhere.

Fae Lords

Within the city of Otherwhere many Fae have found it their home. Some because they like it, others because they have been branded a traitor, or for whatever reason banished from Underhill. Fae Lords that reside within Otherwhere are out of favour for whatever reason and can no longer return to their home land of Underhill. Three are mentioned below but that does not mean more can not be made.

Leanansidhe - An ancient and powerful Winter Fae. She's said to be as beautiful as the untouched snow, and as cruel as a remorseless tundra wind. Her beauty was so great that the Winter Queen Mab sent her to Otherwhere as an Ambassador. The position is a downgrade from her old position as royal advisor, but the newly found freedom she has in Otherwhere more then makes up for it. The Leanansidhe collects lovers. Gives them muse and has an addicting quality to her love making. Once she grows bored of them she turns them into loyal Fae Hounds that work solely for her. Goes off to find another hapless male to turn.

Lady Gleamsilver - A joyful laugh. A playful wink. Lady Gleamsilver is a lovely Fae. She's warm and welcoming. A beauty to behold like all of the powerful and ancient Fae. Her hair seems to glisten without any sun, and her laugh makes flowers bloom. She's a shrewd business woman with connections to every powerhouse of marketing and business in the city. Though she's a Summer Fae it's important to know that she is just as ruthless as her Winter counterparts. She never speaks of what she did to be exiled, but to bring it up abruptly ends any business negotiations.

Mazregal- A dour man. Mazregal is the bastard son of The Erlking Master of the Hunt. Mazregal is a bloody Lord. That enjoys going to Nero's Palace to watch the fights. He enjoys feats of strength, and testing warriors to their limits in hand to hand combat. Though unlike his father he never kills his opponents Mazregal is known for his fine taste in men. He surrounds himself with gruff hulking warriors and enjoys dominating them in the bedroom. He tried to overthrow his father with a lover and though the lover was killed. He was banished to Otherwhere. Though he's an unpredictable ally he will do much for a worthy foe that has earned his respect.

Guild Leaders

Guild leaders rule what has been dubbed Guild City, the main area of the city that is ruled by various different guild leaders. This is by no means the full amount just a taster of what guilds we have.

Lilu King of Grave Falls - taken - Pietro Duskryn is a thing of your nightmares, literally. A man that once served in the Roman army where he was left for dead on the battlefield. He was happened across by a beautiful woman who nursed him back to health. Their love story was epic, before she betrayed him. Out of the ashes a man that was dark and terrifying. Grave Falls was built. Created out of his anguish and betrayal. He is the uncrowned king of the Glamour.

The Glamor Leaders - both taken -Bruce Surbank is the unexpected leader of the Glamor. A powerful individual. Charming and scheming. When he must he has the power to connect to the very barrier that separates Magic from the world. The Veil is a source of near endless power that he can tap into at times. Bruce is a good man deep in his heart, but he also has no qualms with getting his hands bloody when crossed. A charming man he tries to do right by the city, but also has no remorse when it comes to those that cross him. Persephone Dervoux is the Immortal Morgana Le Fay. Yes that Morgana Le Fay. Stealing the bodies of young women with magical talent. Mentored by Pietro Duskyrn. Over time bonding as father and daughter would, she has ruled alongside the Surbank family for generations. But as the current leader began to move past Pietro's vision she killed him, Unfortunately for Persephone Bruce Surbank his son has come back from a self imposed exile, and has taken the Glamor as Co-Leader with her.

The Consortium (Prince Alec Finnel) - Alec isn't actually a Prince but trying to tell him that you might as well swallow your own tongue now. Alec is the young man in charge of the Consortium. A guild of merchants that trade almost anything and everything. The one thing he doesn't trade in his people. Freaks him out. Though he's not opposed to buying slaves and having them work for him. Alec is an eccentric man and one that has very fine taste. A silver tongue and a charm that is undeniable even to those that hate him. He refers to himself and wishes to be called Prince because he claims to be a part of a royal bloodline of the Dark Fae. The truth? He's actually half Demon. From a no nothing family and a low level Demon. Alec reinvented himself after using some fancy magic to make everyone in the Consortium forget who he was for two weeks. Which now that they had their memory back no one's quite sure what story is true, and which one is false.

Sky Force (Oscar Waltz) - One of the oldest guilds within Otherwhere, Sky Force has gone through various leaderships, various strengths and has been controlled by various different guilds over time. But they have always been a constant. Sky Force is now ruled by Oscar. Dragon is master of the skies and if you want something shipping, hes your guy. Except people, he wont traffic in people. It scares the big goof. Sky Force oves things all over otherwhere using the skies as their domain. They don't care what it is, they will move it for you. While Oscar himself does not traffic in people it does not mean the other dragons do not. If he finds out though face his wrath. So its best not to try and test him. Sky Force do more than just shipping, they also protect Otherwhere from threats from the sky. From other Dragons, or fire storms. Who knows in this world what will try and fall on your head.

Dessert Roses (Valeria Vaduva) - Dessert Roses are another old guild within the city of Otherwhere and offers you a good time. Their main base operation is a brothel which offers a mind altering experience. From the drugs on hand that are hand made by the Djinn, to the beautiful women, that they offer. Many of the congress are found within their brothel. Making them a very prominent among the congress. They are led by the one Valeria Vaduva. One of the ancient among the race of the Djinn. Enigmatic, deadly and dangerous in all ways. Smooth, and seductive, she will do anything for her brood, and her race. She has a serious beef with the Templetons and believe that it should be the dinn who lead.

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