Welcome to Otherwhere! Mystical and magical, deadly and deceptive. Otherwhere offers it all, where the power hungry come to settle, and magic users come to try and feel normal in a city filled with the strange. In Otherwhere you can expect anything, and have everything. Please register with an occ account and a character account.
FORECAST: With Summer coming to a close, expect the early signs of winter setting in, especially in the Glamour guild
set in summer/winter, 2017

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Otherwhere. The City that Never Dies. Trust me plenty of tried. There is no place in the world or beyond like Otherwhere. The smells of Little Babylon where the Djinn use exotic spices to make the best food in the city. Down to the home of the largest guild in the city. The Glamour. In which you can find the most extensive array of nightclubs, casinos, and restaurants that you could possibly want. All carefully monitored by your friends in the Authority. A place where wonder is an every day occurrence, and miracles can be sold by the hour. Magic runs rampant in our warm streets, and places you'll never see anywhere else line our busy city streets. Enjoy the freedoms of living in Authority Hill. A place where the many guilds of the city can't fight for territory. Of course if you have the money to pay for such things. The Supreme is here to make sure that you are always safe. Unless you don't want to be. Just sign this waver and be on your way!

Was it me or did that sound like a perfect brochure for some fabulous holiday destination? Did it sound to perfect? Yea, thats what i thought as well. Come closer. Let me fill you in on the real Otherwhere. The things no one else wants to tel you.

Otherwhere isn't safe. It's a place where safety can be bought and sold. Where anything comes with a price tag on it, and certain parts of the city; anyone too. No one knows the true telling of how Otherwhere was founded, but the most popular is that Otherwhere started off as a place that exiled Fae Lords would dwell after making a mistake unforgivable in the eyes of the others. Some even say that long dead Fairy King Oberon sent his own son to Otherwhere after a heinous crime. The city of Otherwhere is unique because of where it is. The Inbetween. Half inside the Mundane world, and half in Otherworld the realm of the Fae themselves. The Fae Lords of Evergrove have much influence over the city. The Mortal leader of us all. The Supreme depending on the day is a staunch opponent to their whims or a willing puppet. The Congress of Guilds is supposed to counterbalance him, but even they have their own agendas. With one well placed vote anyone could be stopped in their tracks. Normal isn't the same here as it is anywhere else. Misfits and Monsters find their way to Otherwhere for a place to belong. It's the way the city works, and if you try to take away a measure of our freedom we'll fight you tooth and nail.

Magic is a part of this city. It's as common as the water we drink. Some say their is even Magic in the water. If you have ambition and the readiness to get your hands dirty you might go far in this city. Very far in fact. Just be careful of certain parts at night. Lilu and their Vhampyr hunt at night. Only in some areas. Stay way out of Grave Falls. It might look appealing with his cobble stone streets, and gas light street lamps. It's controlled by powerful Lilu. The kind of Vampires that even the all mighty Fae Lords hesitate to take on directly. Though if it's their own cowardice or lack of passion to do so who knows. Their reasons change like the winds. The Authority. Many are good men and women that want to see this city be as safe as they tell you it is. Others. They get fat from all the bribes they take. It takes time to figure out which ones are which. Your best bet here is finding a guild you like or can stomach. These streets change hands so often many long time residents don't care who they pay their taxes to, or what portion of it goes to whomever. Otherwhere is the city of would be legends, and exiled heroes. A place where creatures can run rampant. Belong to a community all their own. Where magic can help you or hinder you. This is Otherwhere, and their isn't any other place like it. Throw in your lot with who you want, but make sure you at least have fun while you're doing it.

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