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Pietro Duskyrn
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job: > King of the Lilu
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Mind Control - Pietro has the ability to control the mind of those lesser than him. Due to his age he is capable of holding this longer than most Lilu can. He has a lot of time to try and learn it to a fine art.

Teleknis - Peitro is able to control things with his mind. Mve things, toss them aside. The angry he is the more explosive his ability is. Along with this is he able to communicate with those in his coven via telepathy and is able to control lesser minded humans and creatures.

Shape Shifting - Pietro is able to take on the form of creatures oF the night. + the usual strengths and weaknesses that come with his kind.
Born into the time of the Roman empire, Pietro was a warrior. A soldier. Fought in the great war of that time. It was during one such battle tough that saw himself bester. Lying on the battlefield dying. He was sure that he was going to lose his life. And across the battlefield he was sure he saw an angel. Gliding across the dead and the dying. She picked him from all the others. Why, he was not sure. Even now he is uncertain as to why she chose him. But she did. She took him from the field and she nursed him back to health. Fed him her blood and helped him survived. Whispered him tales of immortals. Of great strengths and tales of great beauties.

When he was nursed back to health, she bestowed upon him her gift. Turned him into a vampire. From there on out he travelled with her. Fought in many wars. Their companionship became more. Friendship turning into love. Truly Pietro was besotted with her. She was his everything. His love. The woman he would have gone to the ends of the world for. Murdered the entire world for her. They were the perfect pair together. Settling in one city and moving on before the city grew wary. Watched empires grow, and fall. Saw such wonderful things.

During their travels they brought more of their kind together. Forming their own coven. Pietro becoming close friends with one of their newer members. They were the closest of friends, did everything together. When his wife fell pregnant, Pietro never expected the truth. Never expected the bombshell that would befall him. As he raised his child with the very same tales that his wife told him, loved him and watched him grow into a fine young man. Pietro learned the truth. Finding his best friend and his wife in the arms of each other. In his bed. In his rage he made to kill his once best friend, but his wife held far superior strength and they flede with his child.

Pietro spent years trying to hunt them, to track them. Eventually he realized he was never going to make them suffer the way he had the way he was. As a Vhampyr. So he summoned the demon, the Lilu maker. Pleaded his case.The pain was excruciating. But the strength that came with being a Lilu was immense. It took him a time to try and learn his new found abilities, to harness them, and along with the strength came the realization that revenge would come. On his term and when he least expected it.

For the past 100 years Peitro has made Otherwhere his home. Settling in a part of the city he calls Grave Falls. A place filled with his darkness. Despair and all of his pent up anger. There he has ruled. Destroying any coven who wished to raise up against him. He was never going to feel that pain or despair again. Nor the betrayal. Recently he has taken the Cane coven under his control, and, to ensure his control over them he has taken Madison Hale to be his bride. Truthfully though the very first moment he laid eyes upon her he knew he had to have her. Her beauty knows no bounds, and her eyes, see everything. Entrapped by her for the very first moment, she is his now, and he will allow no one else to have her.


Dark, broody and often time foreboding, Pietro has seen his fair share of hard times. Felt the sting of betrayal, to many times. An ancient Lilu who sought out power to seek revenge against those who betrayed him. Be became a power house to be reckoned with. Never again though. He refuses to allow anyone close enough to him to ever hurt him that way again. He is never going to allow it. And he will seek his revenge as well.

He is extremly calm, and his cold eyes see everything. Cold, and calculating. He sees everything ten steps before it happens and sees all the moves on the chest board. Manipulative, and commanding, Pietro controls anyroom he enter. Well spoken, and extremly hardened he has seen many wars, and things many do not wish to see. All one has to do is step into Graves Fall to see how dark and twisted his mind is.

at heart is a man who likes being in control, in every aspect of his life. He has found his life to have spiralled out of control to often, and for to long, and he has become determined to control every aspect. To do what he wants when he wishes and he is going to make no apologies for that. He speaks his mind. But knows how to be careful with his words. He thinks before he speaks. He is not one to speak without thinking first. Sometimes one has to walk into situations with care. Thinking things through before acting. His military training coming in. A smooth talker, and a charmer, known to command rooms and talk anyone around to his way of thinking.

He is as cold as ice. His heart hardened as much as his demeanor is. He will kill you without thinking and will put you in your place if you think you know better. He is a loyal guy who you can trust to have your back. If, you're on the same side that is. He has no qualms with actually stabbing someone in the back if that is what is needed.
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