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Madison Duskyrn
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The Spare. The extra. She was called many things growing up. Twin to Joffrey it was told to her later on that when they were babies they hated being separated for long. Something that was the same for many years. She remembered braiding Joffrey's hair. Innocently humming. Playing hide and seek with him all over the palace in which they lived in. Being generally mischievous. As they grew up they learned their place in the Cane Coven. They were to become Keepers to their older siblings. Madison was a tall girl. Awkward and not yet grown into her body. Zander was always so nice to her. So very kind and gentle. Making her laugh and comfortable. Even if she pretended not to be able to hear how Zander and Adeline her older sister fought over who would be able to call Joffrey their Keeper. All of her life her father bore into her a simple rule. She was never going to be as beautiful as Adeline.

As she grew she paid attention. Learning from Zander how to read people. How to watch them. Look for mistakes in their posture. See how they learned. See what they could do. It was a sad day when Zander was banished from the Coven, but she made sure never to lose focus. Adeline was the beauty, Zander was the brains, and Joffrey was the Blood Seer. Then their was Madison. Who grew into her lanky limbs. Filled out with a slightness to her hips. A softness to her skin. Gaining the attention of Malachi. A good friend to Zander before he was cast out. They started a love affair. Oh how he seduced the young woman. How she was so enamored by him. So powerfully handsome. He taught her how to make love to a man. Taught her how to make a man yearn for her touch. How to suck someone down to the point they would forget the world and only remember how your lips felt and how good it felt to hear you moan.

Her life was simple but happy. She would one day be her fathers Keeper no doubt. Now that Zander's mother had died. She'd take the duty with pride, and do whatever her father asked of her. That all changed when Pietro Duskyrn arrived at the Coven's manor. She was taken away and hidden in one of the various chambers. Yet, he found her. Walked into the room and he was every bit as handsome as she imagined a dark lord to be. He gripped her chin and made her look up to him. Her eyes a bright blue. Her body slightly shaking in fear of his might. One look and he told them he was taking her with him. To secure their loyalty. Her father refused, and in came Adeline. Madison knew she would be staying. That one look at her far more beautiful sister would make Pietro change his mind. He didn't, and she was forced to go with him. Having to step over the dead bodies of her older sister and her father. Though she wasn't particularly sad about their deaths. Them never having a kind word to say to her. She resented the fact the man that took her was the one that killed them. Putting her Coven into what could be desperate times without Zander around.

Now she is in Grave Fall's. As Pietro's slave. His eyes look hungry, and she knows he's going to take of her. Her training will come in handy in the coming days. That she is well aware of alone in her new chambers.


Madison is actually quite the comic. SHe loves to laugh, and she enjoys to sing. In all efforts she's quite the fun time to be around. She says what she thinks when she's around people she trusts. Which isn't very often unfortunately. Maddie has a bit of a kindness streak and an unyielding sense of optimism. Cunning as she is beautiful Maddie can read people very well. Has been able to read people since she was a little girl really. Always able to read someones intentions. Though around such a beautiful young woman their intentions are usually the same. Sex. SHe's been raised around sex for quite some time. Her family was so secluded from the rest of the world. It made some very confusing things happen in her childhood home. It's natural to the young brunette. Natural for her to be desired and wanted. Mostly by men that she didn't herself desire. Maddie is good at finding the light in the darkest of situations. It's what kept her sane for all this time.

Their isn't much that Maddie doesn't notice. She's well trained in making sure that she knows what a man wants and needs. To be tentative to their desires. Even if she herself has other desires. Deep down is a woman with ambition. The one thing that no one has ever crushed out of her. She doesn't want to be stuck where she is forever. Though she realizes it's probably folly to hope and dream she does so anyway.


As a Vhampyr Madison doesn't age. She keeps her same youthful appearance forever. She's also given a strong endurance. Something she relies on now with her husband. She's also stronger then she appears.
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