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Margaret Frost
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The baby of the Frost family. She kids with her parents a lot. Saying she was the mistake. The last one to be born. By a good couple of years. Her older brother being 6 years her elder. Most would say she was spoiled, but her parents did teach her the values of doing the right thing. Most of which didn't often stick to her. Maggie was her own person. She did things her way, and her stubbornness was right in the forefront for most of her life growing up. She always had a thing for Caleb though. The free spirit and the wild child had much in common. He was older then her, but she didn't care. He was so handsome and so very brave. Even if now she realized that the bravery that she saw in the male was more so recklessness then anything else.

When she was a young girl. Some 10 or 11. Her brother was taken away from them. She didn't realize why, but all she knew was that her parents were very upset. Michael was a good big brother, and she cried for days when he left. Nowhere prison didn't often allow for visitors. Their father being the Warden Commander for the Authority the only reason he himself could see her older brother. If that didn't help matters her magic came into fruition. Her mother was talented. Very talented actually in magic. So she was taught by some of the best their was. Fae adored her. Loving her mischievous side. Her blatant but elequent insults. Sown together with such a sweet voice. Fae boys loved her, and they always wanted to date her.

When she got a bit older she started to hang around the wrong crowd. Causing trouble and solving problems. Laughing and just enjoying the wild life she was leading. After seeing the pain she caused her parents though. After she remembered the pain of nearly losing Lydia as a child, losing Michael to Nowhere, and watching her going down the wrong path Maggie realized two things. One that she needed to get her act together. The second was that Love though it was very real. Maybe wasn't right for her. Giving yourself to someone. Settling down. Having kids? Then watching helpless as those children did their own thing. It just hurt too much. So she swore off anything remotely like a relationship, and put her head down. Started to be more cautious. Grow up really. Her father gave her the chance she needed, and she started to work for the Authority. There she met some really great people. Made a lot of friends even if most of them thought she was a bit too brash. It was where she met her friend Adalind. A woman that came in asking for help with her husband. A Fae that seemed to get a bit too handsy with Adalind when she didn't want to. It turned out that her Fae husband owned her. A modern form of slavery that underneath a lot of the Otherwhere laws was slightly acceptable. To those with the power and clout to hide it or pay people off that would care. The Authority did nothing, and it was then that Maggie realized that the Authority wasn't just for the good people. It had a lot of loopholes, and a lot of people willing to look the other way for future favors and money.

Maggie left the Authority after applying for a job at Sword Securities. Meeting with Sigrun Vanard the acting CEO of the company. She said that she felt like she was a Valkyrie reborn. That she would have done well with them if circumstances were different. So she got a job there. With her connections in the Authority and her skills in a fight she became the acting liaison between Sword Securities and the Authority. When a case was too big she'd send it to the people that needed to handle it. When someone needed protection that they weren't sure would make it to where they needed to go? Maggie is the one that dispatches the security team to collect. She's good at her job, and good at blowing things up.

A year ago Michael came out of prison. A brother she didn't recognize and didn't know. She's tried since then to get closer with him. Even letting him stay with her while he got his life together. It's been hard sometimes, but she knows Michael is trying. She just isn't sure how to approach her stranger brother.


One thing that sticks out about Maggie is that she's often sarcastic to a fault. She says what she means, but she hardly means what she says. She's guarded to the point that she doesn't even know she's doing it. To her most of life is a grand game, and if you don't play it right you'll never be on top. That's just how the cookie crumbles. She doesn't feel much remorse for the people she fucks over because they all deserve it. Some call her cold or harsh. Ice Queen is her code name for a reason. She lacks the ability to care about a great deal of things, and though she is a free spirit she isn't free when it comes to information. Maggie holds a lot of secrets. Some she's collected and some of her own. She uses them to stay safe. People owing her a favor isn't quite uncommon. Many think she's dark and unforgiving. A part of that is true at least.

Maggie is often as wild as the storm. She's untempered and at times could be considered unstable, but she's solid. Very solid in fact. Maggie prides herself in her looks, and though she regularly uses her keen mind she remembers a fun quote she once heard. If you want to be an icon just look into the camera with a sexy look and act stupid. Maggie often tries to act stupid so others underestimate her. Not that it works. She's always giving a wicked smirk when she knows she won. The woman is beautiful, and she knows it. She uses her looks and her body to get into places others can't. A slim fitting dress and she can get into almost any exclusive party or gathering. The right pair of shoes and she can bring you any secret she often says. While she's devastating to look at that doesn't translate to being a slut or a whore. She is free loving, and she greatly enjoys good sex. She's willing to do many things for a great number of reasons, but she wouldn't be caught dead screwing someone bellow her standards. Relationships often times make her afraid. Really because she's addicted to life in the fast lane, and things like relationships and marriage often put a damper on those kind of things.


Evocation: Maggie has always had a talent for magic. Most of her family has, and she's been known to having some very powerful mojo. The Human Battering Ram to some. She likes magic that has a flourish to it, and magic that can lay waste to those that deem themselves above the law and themselves.

Hand to hand training: After learning from her father the current Warden Commander of the Authority she then went on to train with Sigrun. A real life Valkyrie. She's an expert at hand to hand martial arts.
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