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Ezra Mason
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Ezra was born comfortable. The second son of a powerful family. The Mason's were known far and wide at one point, but his father wasn't the best at business. Even if he claimed to be a savant at the stuff. He failed in some large business ventures, and owed a lot of money to some very dangerous people. He had almost sapped all the money from his and his wife's estate by the time his older brother Erik graduated from college, but Erik. Oh his older brother was a beast. He held the true disturbing privilege of his status. To the point that even Ezra knew not to bring any woman in the house unless he was ready to lock her with him into her room. If she went wandering like a hound his brother would find them, and they would never be the same after that.

Used to getting what he wanted it made Ezra a very dispassionate boy. As if this world held no vast surprises for him whatsoever. He attended Harvard and enjoyed the time away from his family. He was in constant contact with his older brother that married a very lovely and powerful woman of fine stock. A bloodline that could be traced to some very notable people. She was his perfect little prize, and Ezra was happy that his brother found someone to settle down with. Whatever that meant for his brother Erik. By the time Ezra was done college and having fun with his friends his older brother had assumed control of the Mason families business interests. Which was no surprise to Ezra at all. Instead of taking an easy job working for his brother, or just living off the money he would get from mommy and daddy Ezra decided he wanted to do something on his own.

He started off working for Guilds as an accountant. Doing their books and making sure the money kept flowing. Otherwhere was good for people like him. Where money was the main issue of any day in this city he always found work. Slowly but surely he got the attention of one of the biggest Guilds in the city. The Ravencrown was run by two sisters. Both equally as annoying as the other. Spending their money before they even had it. Until one day he met the most beautiful young woman he thought he'd ever seen. Young Maeve Dauffyr was a sight to behold. Big green eyes, and full lips. A body that men paid double the asking price to get a look at. She gave him a chance to actually do his job. To actually make money for the Ravencrown Guild. So when she came to him with the idea to take over he went with it. He had no loyalty for the two sisters. Not when they used his skills for stupid shit like how they were going to afford the latest and greatest that came out every other week.

So Ezra sided with Maeve and they took over the Ravencrown easily enough. He wasn't an evil man. Not like his brother. So he didn't mind that Maeve was dark but not brutal. He found it actually quite refreshing. Now Ezra has a far more important job. He helps Maeve control her vast network and in return he gets a higher wage then most in his position. The accountant that isn't just the accountant. It's been years since that day and his loyalty had paid off ten fold. Though, now he's gotten older. His family pressuring him endlessly to get married. Setting him up on blind dates when he thinks he's meeting them for dinner. Texting him likes and winks from online profiles he didn't even know he had. He hated it all. Then he went to their house for a grand gala. A party of the year. That was where he met Gabriella Kacey. Now she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Young. Very young in fact. She was stealing from them, and Ezra caught her. Red handed. He was so enraptured by her beauty though he offered her a deal. A night of sex with him, and she could keep everything she stole and then some. After giving him a long look up and down she had agreed. Turned out she was a virgin, and though she seemed excited but nervous Ezra treated her like a Queen. Making sure her first time was something to be remembered on cold nights.

It wasn't the last time he'd see Gabriella. In fact he found it so good he offered to take her out. Whenever she wished. Wherever she wished. They started a beneficial relationship of sorts. After a couple of months he brought over a contract. Laid out was a proposal. Marriage for security. She'd get anything she wanted, and in return she'd be faithful to him. Of course he would also be faithful to her. Anything she wanted. Even if it was separate bedrooms. Didn't matter. Why waste a good thing right? Now they've just returned from their honeymoon and so far? Married life isn't so bad at all.


Many upon meeting Ezra would feel that he is dispassionate about things around him. As if he doesn't much care about anything other then the task in front of him. In many ways they would be right. In many regards Ezra cares little about the smaller things in life. A side affect perhaps about getting everything and anything he wanted his whole life. He knows how to work hard, and has done so. Yet, things have come easy for him. School was easy for him. College was easy for him. His memory is impeccable, and beyond reproach. He's smooth and cunning. A man that often feels he's the most intelligent man in any room. Only when proven wrong does he show more then a cordial respect for people.

It would be folly to mistake his disinterest as coldness. He is not a cold man, and refrains from doing things that others would consider evil or depraved. Truthfully he is numb to the darker urging within a man. Those crazed for power and the ability to take without fear of being caught. He could be a vindictive man. Could be like his older brother. The Monster, but he isn't. He's not a good man by any means of the word, but it's because of his lack of empathy more so then anything else. He will smile easily and use facts and logic to get his way if need be. Usually his opinions when given are taken heavily into consideration. If not? Well he just nods and goes along with whatever mess he may have to clean up. Business is business after all.

Their are few that he does genuinely care for. Those that he does go out of his way to aid when needed, but typically any and all of them found ways to earn his respect one way or another. Something not easily given. It is said that if Ezra had a mote of ambition he could have been something far more. Something far more influential, but instead he would much rather stay where he is. Far less dangerous that way.


Though he is appalled by fighting he's not bad at it. He goes to the gym once a week for boxing lessons, and he might be good at it if he gave it the same amount of effort he gave his well planted strings attached to his webs.
Ezra has a natural talent for Scrying. Able to peer into a bowl of clear water or a mirror. Find something or someone that he needs to find. He has a vast network of mirrors in his home that he uses to communicate with his and Maeve's agents when needed.

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