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FORECAST: With Summer coming to a close, expect the early signs of winter setting in, especially in the Glamour guild
set in summer/winter, 2017

Azoun Templeton
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The third son. Though he was born two weeks early he was still a healthy child. His mother said that he was simply impatient. Something of a trend that would start there, but not end there at all. His mother was special though. The Templeton family always married Fae women into the family. Helped keep the bloodline connected to the Otherworld where they would don some of their influence. The Templeton family has a very long bloodline. Some even claim that their bloodline can be traced all the way back to a hapless mortal victim that was seduced by the enigmatic Fairy King Oberon. No doubt that is just a fancy story that they tell each other to put themselves above the rest. Azoun's mother though was no Fae. In fact she was the byproduct of a very brief love affair between his father Tobias and a Valkyrie. Agertha was a good mother. Noble and proud. Taught her son to be just as noble and as proud as she was. A stoic look and demeanor that translated well to her son.

Though raised with a silver spoon in his mouth unlike the rest of his siblings Azoun has never taken something for granted. He always worked for everything he got because though his father tried to teach him that as a Templeton he was above everyone else. His mother taught him that being more influential then others didn't mean you were above them. Even Caesar was killed by those he thought were his lesser. Truthfully everything came down to the fact that though he was surely a Templeton he didn't have the same kind of knack for politics that the rest of his family seemed to be so adapt in. While he was growing up though he sparked the interest in a young woman. She had been a year or two younger then him. Amasdra was a beautiful young girl that came to Otherwhere looking for wonder. What she ended up finding was ruin and death. The uglier side of Otherwhere no one liked to talk about.

Trigger Warning

Azoun had met her by chance. She was this young and wonder filled woman. He courted her and she had fallen for his stoic charm nearly instantly. Sadly he wasn't the only one wishing for her hand. A Fae that was known to be a predator of young innocent women began his act. Began his seduction of her. His power and his whiles had blinded her. Won her over, and Azoun ended up even dueling the man for her affection. He had won, but he hadn't won the girl. She yelled at him for being so mean and boorish to the Fae that wished for her hand. He didn't see Amasdra after that until weeks later. During a large gala he noticed a wild laughter. Looking over he saw her. Amasdra was naked and crying with embarrassment. The Fae had done whatever he had wished to her. Bite marks over her body and day old bruises. When he was done with her he discarded her in the most public of ways. Azoun covered her up, but in her despair that would be the last time he saw her. Out of depression and hopelessness she killed herself that night. It was also the same night that Azoun swore revenge.

For years he harbored a hatred for this Fae. He attempted to play the court, and he had found an unlikely ally in his brother Matthias. Unbeknownst to him his brother was just as much of a monster as the Fae male was. Azoun had sworn off women because of his despair. Because of the anger and hatred he felt in every fiber of his being. Until he met her. Leannan was a Fae. A Winter Fae, and though he had grown to mistrust the lot of them her allure was palpable. He'd seen her around Matthias here and there. Mostly whispering between them. Once Matthias was exposed it seemed that Azoun had no allies left. That was when Leannan came into the picture. Azoun was no fool. She wished to use him. Like no doubt she had used his brother. Yet, Azoun needed allies. Needed someone to help him get his revenge. When Lee as he came to call her told him she'd help. Using her seductive whiles to try and gain his favor. He didn't resist.

Their first night together had been explosive. He hadn't felt the touch of a woman in so long. Lee far from breakable. He put that idea to the limits. It wasn't like any normal woman. She was a Fae. One of mighty power. When he lay on his back and she rode him it was like hard and crashing waves over stone. When her hips moved it wasn't simply a woman's hips moving. It felt like the raging storm swirling around him. She felt beyond words, and he had found himself slightly hooked on the feeling. Addicted. They played their games, but in the end Leannan had helped him kill the Fae noble that he'd been seeking. In turn he brought a bill to his father and then the Congress of Guilds. The Morality Clause AKA the Amasdra Edict was put in place. Giving Mortals of all kinds equal rights in the eyes. Making their lives more valuable. In turn he was thrust in the front running for the next Supreme.

Lee and him did their dance still. Even more so now he would one day be in charge of Otherwhere. Even if he hated the idea of it truly. He was no fool, and one day he told her the truth. He knew that she was using him, but he didn't care. He had grown to truly love her despite everything he knew about her. That night they took to each other like never before, and Azoun has not looked at another woman since. Truly after having sex with Lee he's not sure that he could get hard for a regular Mortal woman anymore. Even other Fae he says just don't have that look in their eyes. That hidden drive. He's peeled off some of those icy layers of hers. Seen that their is some real caring and passion underneath that Winter Fae exterior. He loves her, and he wouldn't have it any other way.


A stoic look in his eyes. A sharp angle to his chin. Even sharper blue eyes watch everyone as if they're being sized up. Azoun was once a very warm and open man. That has changed. He is usually very closed off. Seeing many people as a threat now. He generally mistrusts many Fae, but that of course doesn't extend to half fae nor does it extend to his lover. Azoun's heart is sometimes too big, and he can often times make promises that he can't keep. He fully intends to keep them. Fully intends to do something about what someone is complaining about, but often times they're more complicated then he realized they were. Which puts him in some binds here and there
Everyone says that he has a very noble air about him. That he looks the part of what others would think a Templeton should look like. Underneath his stoic and regal exterior is a large heart, and a deep drive. He has passion that can be sometimes called unhinged or pushy. He doesn't mean to be either of those things. His desire fuels him sometimes, and paired with his charm it's hard to say no to the man. He has no time for politics or games, and he's very straight forward. That doesn't make him dumb though. In fact he's very good at reading people and situations at face value. Just doesn't often think of the complexity of it all. Some say that he can act very brash because of this. All in all Azoun is a good man in a very important family trying to help people. Even if he's flawed in his own special ways.


Thanks to his Valkyrie mother Azoun seems to age just slightly slower then most people. A lot of his power comes from Victory his runeblade. A sword crafted by himself and his mother. A Valkyrie blade not unlike that his bother uses. His blade can cut threw spells. Wards are harder to cut threw, and though he tries it takes a lot of effort and his own aptitude with magic to do so. Azoun was classically trained in the arts of Magic and swordplay, but most of his training and true talent comes from the less flashy training his mother gave him.
He mostly uses Battle Magic. A healthy mix of Warding spells and Evocations to help him defend and attack those that he fights. Thanks to his long standing Fae bloodline he has a keen sense about Glamour, but it's only a tingle when done poorly or he notices it being cast.
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