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Evangeline Blackwillow
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Poor "hideous" Eve. As a young girl Eve only remembers the small cottage outside of Otherwhere. In the woods that are still considered the realm between Otherworld and the Mortal Realm. Only a little baby. Barely a year old when the Hag Zilla Blackwillow took her. The little babe showed promise. Born under a good omen for magical abilities the Hag's strange senses paid off. The little girl was a natural at the Craft, and for years the only thing she knew was her "Grandmother" and her nefarious friends and allies. Zilla was an ancient Hag. Already having children, and various apprentices. The only other Hags that seemed to have more influence and power were Baba Yaga and Medea. Though if you ever mentioned either of the women to Zilla she would fly into a uncontrolled rage. Cackling wildly as she flung her disastrous magic at you with an unforgiving precision.

To say that she had a bad life would be far too harsh. Cloistered yes. She was only allowed to leave the Hut and the immediate forest around it for supplies in the city. A general store of sorts laid on the edge of Otherwhere. For most of her life that was the only place she would go. The only company she'd have were the wicked Pixies and lesser Fae that would hang around such a powerful Hag's hut. Though as Eve grew she started to fill out. Become someone more. Someone beautiful. Hag's do not appreciate beauty. The more beautiful you are the more hideous you are to them, and Zilla always lamented on how ugly her grandchild was. As she taught her the strange and wicked magic that was to become her namesake later in life.

Sadly, Hags are not Immortal. They live for centuries. Long lifespans that usually pass even powerful nations. Thousands and thousands of years, and it wasn't until her 16th Birthday that Evangeline realized this was more then just another child to raise as her own. She was to inherit all of her belongings. After her death do whatever she wished with them. She wouldn't care anymore about her precious collection. Teaching her the dark crafts and meeting some of the various and strange allies that her Grandmama had collected over the years. It was when Eve turned 19 that her life was turned upside down. Coming home from the store she found a letter in her Grandmama's dead hands. In it was a simple letter. She hoped that Eve would be okay, and to always make sure to watch your back. That she loved her, and that her prized spell book would be hers. Ready for her when she herself was ready.

Hags are very protective over their secrets, and do not doll them out to those that are not ready to have them. Her "Grandmother"s Book of Shadows was under a spell. A spell that will need to be unraveled. A spell that only Eve is allowed to figure out. No outside help whatsoever. When she is ready in her strange craft to finally unlock the ancient and terrible power of her dearest guardian then she will be able to further her studies with the private tome. Not knowing what to do, and struck with a sense of wander lust Evangeline left the small hut and went to Otherwhere. The city was marvelous. Full of wonders untold to her. She kept her head down as best she could, but when she saw the for sale sign in front of the boutique window she had to check it out. She could sell and collect unique and odd trinkets and spells. Put her knowledge to good (or not so good) use. Though she had no money, and the landlord gave her one look and told her simply. Sleep with him and she could get the shop. The deal only on the table if she was a virgin like he thought she was.

In fact she had been, but not after that night. He was rough and hard with her, but she realized that some people only wanted the flesh. The warmth without any kind of softness behind it. Moving in most of her Grandmama's things into the shop she opened, and business was good. Not enough though to deal with the steep rent that she had to deal with. No longer a virgin she couldn't sleep with the male again to keep her shop. So she started to rent out the room in the back. Men would come in and if they were looking for something extra she'd close up her shop and whore herself out. Now she doesn't quite mind it so much. It's her little secret to help survive in a city that could do far worse to her. Some of them are warm and loving. Some are rough but meaningful. She has her favorites, but most are men that use her. Flop on top of her, and she tends to try and think of lighter things to get through it. Most men don't care if she's into it. Only that they get off.

Now she's wondering how to learn. How to gain that momentum and power she needs to open that tome. Knowing within it are boundless secrets she could use. Though, the question of who her real parents are has crossed her mind. No records and truly she doesn't even know if she was born in Otherwhere or any place else. With no leads and zero time. She can only sit and dream up stories of she Grandmama was able to take her in the first place. Without anyone ever coming to look for her.

A smile almost always appears on her face. Her eyes half far away as she takes in her surroundings with a keen eye. Almost as if she's appraising the people around her. Raised by a being that loved to make wicked deals Eve isn't someone that shy's away from anyone or anything. If she thinks something she usually says it. Having little to no filter at all. Truly seeing the world unlike many others. Monsters are uncles and aunts. The goodly beings of the world scare her to high heaven. She grew to be terrified of those that her "Grandmother" warned her about. Always afraid that the powerful do gooders in the city will see her as a wicked thing and smile her. Even if she'd done nothing truly wrong, and the objects she sells do come with a warning label. The price for fancy often means something you'll surely not miss.

Eve doesn't quite know how beautiful she really is. Hags prize ugliness for beauty, and Eve is a very beautiful young woman. So when men call her beautiful it shows clearly how it affects her. She blushes and smiles a lot. Though she doesn't think she's anything special that does not mean she's not comfortable with herself and her body. In her mind she likes wearing what she likes to wear. Be it a full dress from neck to shin, or a skimpy red dress that can barely contain her bossom. A free spirit she says what she wants, and holds little tack for when something may not be entirely appropriate. Eve cannot stand when someone is treated like less then what they are.


Weird Magic: Hags are known for their very strange form of magic. Cursed objects, Strange affects to spells, and the like. Weird Magic is a very powerful thing. Having almost limitless scope, but usually with a sinister after effect to those that the blessing is received upon. Born with a talent for magic itself Eve was raised and trained by the ancient Hag Zilla Blackwillow who she lovingly refers to as her dear departed Grandmama. Though her skill is good she is no where near the level of power her "grandmother" was. This may change over time as she was given the Hags Book of Shadows upon her death. If only she could figure out the cypher for it.
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