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Danilo Bleakwood
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In a hot hut in Havanna, Cuba the Hag of Havanna gave birth to Danilo Bleakwood. Danilo was born and given to a family to be raised. For years he was bigger and faster then other kids. He had a natural charm that made all the other kids want to be his friend. Raised in a poor family he started to use his natural charisma to steal food for his family. When he turned 13 he started to feel..different. Change. At his 14th birthday he screamed in pain, and suddenly he transformed. His skin turned tanned and leathery. His teeth crooked and yellow. Hair turned white. Hideous to the eye his parents thought him possessed by a Demon. Changing back into the handsome boy he was a patch of skin on his back still leathery. During this time he started to feel urges. Darker urges. He had his first kill not too long after that. A soldier that tried to rob his family. The soldier hadn't stood a chance in hell against the might of a young Hexen enraged.

When he was 16 his mother returned for him. Olga Bleakwood brought him to his hut, and there he learned the secrets of magic. The Weird magic that all Hags and Hexens learned. He found himself rather apt for the task. Especially the Alchemy that created potions and elixirs with various different affects. His power was growing more and more, and the family that raised him since a child recognized him less and less. To this day somewhere in Cuba their are those that he protects from a distance. Makes sure that luck is on their side. Even after all this time. When he was a young man he was found in bed with the wife of the mayor. Whose daughter wasn't very happy to find out he went from her room to her mothers. He left Havanna soon afterwards. Not really welcome anymore.

Rumors and whispers spun about a place where creatures like him could live in peace. Otherwhere. He went thinking he'd find easy marks. Instead he found one annoyance after another. Killing and tricking many to stay out of his way, and yet he didn't feel any more powerful then he had before. That was until he met Pietro Duskyrn. A trip to Grave Falls, and an assassination attempt caught before it happened later. Pietro asked him to join him. It took a very long time for Danilo to fully show his worth. Making potions to make others see what they wanted them to see. Trick others into deals they didn't know would end up in their deaths or worse. As he learned more he gained in power. Until he was one of the most feared of his race. It might have taken 200 years but Danilo is a name many refuse to say. While others? Well others would rather deal with him then his master. Pietro is quick to anger and quicker to end your petty little life. Danilo cares greatly for his master. In fact many claim that Pietro is the only person in all of Otherwhere that can claim the certain loyalty of Danilo.


People say that Danilo is expertly charming. The calm before the storm. The easy and even tone before the reckoning is upon you. His eyes are often cold or smolders. He's a deeply passionate man deep down. A man that is wicked to his core. Blood and mayhem bothers him little. Though he's not one to go on rampages he isn't one to hide away when the fighting begins. His magic and his power give him a self confidence that borders on excess pride. He cares little about those not strong enough to defend themselves, but even the Hexen has his limits. Liking to see himself as rather civilized. Brutish manners and borish displays of strength make him roll his eyes. Their is never fear in his eyes. Never anyone that truly makes him scared.

Intelligence seems to just ooze off of him like his charm. Always 5 steps ahead. Always weaving plan after plan interlocking. When someone speaks he already has three ways he can respond to them. His anger and his rage comes out very unexpectedly, but he keeps it in check for the most part. He is a wolf in a suit. A monster sipping tea. Truly his anger usually comes out during his passion. He's a rough and harsh lover, but he is a rather intense one at the same time.


Weird Magic: Hags/Hexens are known for their very strange form of magic. Cursed objects, Strange affects to spells, and the like. Weird Magic is a very powerful thing. Having almost limitless scope, but usually with a sinister after effect to those that the blessing is received upon.
Enhanced Strength and Endurance.
If anyone found out Danilo's true name. The name whispered to him at birth then they could kill him. With a single word. If you outwit him in his own deals then his powers and anything of his powers are ineffective to the point of invulnerability against him
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