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Bruce Surbank
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Born and raised in Otherwhere Bruce had just about everything he ever wanted. His twin Adalind as well. They were inseparable as children, and his father tried to take Bruce under his wing. Unlike his father though he had no idea what he was doing when it came to fighting. Afraid that he was going to disappoint his father he had sure as hell tried to impress him. He tried so hard to learn his moves, and though he's not terrible these days it was a slow process for him. He didn't have that inner warrior spirit that many of his family had within them. Adalind was a damn powerhouse and she had the gift of being much stronger then she looked. She punched out of her weight class she'd always say. When the two of them were born his father wanted to bring a piece of his old life into Otherwhere. Leading Honor and Valor a guild that stood for something more then the others. Above the rest he'd always say with that little gleam of pride behind his eyes.

It seemed that he was not destined though to make his father proud. During a training session when he was about 12 he lashed out. He had been getting pretty damn tired of getting his ass kicked, and suddenly a large blast came and threw his sister across the room during one of their training matches. He passed out soon afterward. As it turned out when he was born he was just as powerful as his twin sister just not in the same way. She was strong and her skin was hard to pierce. He had the gift of magic. A type of magic that connected to the barrier that separated the world from the continuous flow of magic known as the Veil. He used it a lot. Tried to teach himself how to use it. Helping in strengthening the wards that were already hard to beat in the first place. Yet, it was addicting and he felt himself looking for reasons to use his power. Training harder only to get that little taste. It was then that he realized that his power also came with a price.

His father and mother got a divorce soon afterwards though. Apparently dealing with him and the state of Otherwhere at the same time was hard on a marriage. His mother gave them both a choice on where they would live. Adalind chose to stay, and Bruce's addiction made him wish to stay as well. They visited when they could though. In the mundane world where it all just seemed so dark and gray. Not as vibrant and lively as Otherwhere was. It was about this time though that his fathers friend or maybe protege was the better term started to come around more. Jackson Winters helped Bruce realize he was gay. Not because he made a move on the young kid, but because he was the single most attractive person he'd ever met. His voice was deep and commanding, and he had shoulders that were just solid. Bruce remembered fondly coming down to visit his father only to watch Jackson work out in the guild's gym. Something about that man without a shirt on all sweaty got him all kinds of riled up.

Bruce couldn't handle his own powers, and his father told him maybe he should live with his mother. Learn how to control and master his powers in a world that didn't have such a deep connection to magic. Learn control, and when he was ready and only when he was ready to come back. Bruce went to live with his mother, and truthfully it was the best thing he could have done. He came out to her after she caught him staring at one of the other boys while they were shopping for school clothes. She was happy that he admitted who he was to her finally. That she'd always known just didn't want to rush him in telling her. He dated when he could. Going to college for Business and Accounting it was the most boring thing in the entire world, but his mother told him that he had a real gift. Leave the fighting to your sister she would say to him all the time. He trained and learned his power. Learned how to control them, and he visited Otherwhere at times to see his sister and father. Testing his limits, and slowly gaining something akin to a resistance to the temptation that would always be there.

When his father passed he was lost. Not being able to say goodbye to him hurt. That lack of closure really. He's now come back to stay in Otherwhere. He'd heard a lot of the recent events in the city and wants to show solidarity towards the one man that his father actually trusted above even his own family. Plus seeing his sister again didn't sound like a half bad idea.


A charmer with a quiet smile all his own. Bruce is a business man. Young and impulsive, but while his sister certainly took after their father. Bruce took after their mother. The keen business woman that she is. Taught him a lot, and he had grown pretty damn good at traversing what people like and don't like. Advertising is one of his specialties and he uses that to make himself and others look good. He knows what people want to hear, and what they want to see. He's a very out of the box kind of thinker, and he uses that to impress those he feels need to have a high opinion of him if he is to advance. Bruce is shy around men that he finds attractive. Spending a lot of time at the gym trying not only to build muscle but also self confidence as well.

The man never loses his cool. He's got an addictive personality though, and one that he is pretty sure he was cursed with by some kind of higher power because his special one of a kind ability is also highly addicting. The only time he is really self confident is when he dances. He's a great dancer, and feels slightly liberated when he can do so. Something so freeing about it, and Bruce always wants to feel some kind of freedom. A wandering man that never likes to do the same thing two days in a row. He doesn't even work out at the same time in a week. Always sporadic to make sure he doesn't lose interest. He's a confident man when it comes to business though. He was top of his class at Stanford, and he likes to throw it in other people's faces when they get too uppity at being told what to do by some kid.

A lion in the boardroom he seems to have this quiet presence about himself. He watches a room and then speaks when he knows it's the right time. He has a mind for business, and the intricate ways that Otherwhere works. He just doesn't do good when he's trying to deal with a handsome man that shows him some interest, but once he gets past his shyness he's a very passionate man. A capable lover that devotes himself mind body and spirit to the person he is with. He loves like their isn't ever going to be a tomorrow, and he wishes someone would truly appreciate that kind of devotion. Which apparently in Los Angeles can be quite scarce.


The Veil. Bruce has the power to pull power from the Veil itself that surrounds the world. Protecting it from being fluxed with magic. He can use the Veil to harm or to protect. Yet each time he does so he feels exhilarated. His father told him it was some kind of high. That with each siphoning he was getting a tiny taste of unfiltered magic. If he takes too much then he could be completely unraveled and explode inside out from the power.
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