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Shay Lilim
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Another dress was pulled roughly over her head and her eyes flared ever so slightly. Just because she was their property did not mean that they needed to be so rough. When this dress, was once more deemed unacceptable, it was pulled over her head, and joined the heap of dresses that were already on the bed. She was thankful for the fact that someone had brought her. It meant that there was no slap coming her way. This was not her fault. They were the ones that were being picky, each dress was perfectly fine, and yet they found fault with each and every single one of them. They would have found someway to blame her. Made her appear to fat, or to thin, made her appear too small or to tall. Perhaps her breasts looked to flat, or it made her hair kink up in a funny way. Whatever the reason she knew they would blame her in the end. They always blamed you in the end. But someone had brought her. Someone had chosen her out of all of the girls. It meant they could not harm her. Not one single hair could be out of place, not one single bruise or mark. No, the client would not like that. So, while they could not physically harm her, there were a lot of other ways for them to show their displeasure with her. “Can you do nothin right girl?” One of them growled as he pulled another dress down over her dress. It was getting to the stage where she wondered why they even bothered with the dresses anymore. Clearly they were not fairing well if not one single one of them was to their satisfaction. Perhaps it was time to try something else. She remained silent though. She knew better to talk back, knew better than to open her mouth. “I’m sorry. I'll try better” She whispered as she lowered her hands down to her side obediently. Doing a smirk twirl as they hungrily watched her. They always leered at her in such a way she was more than sure she could actually feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. It made her feel sick, thinking of the way they looked at her. She hated it with a passion.

Shay swallowed thickly, licking her lips as she waited for them to say something, to tear the dress from her body again. At this stage she was starting to get the impression that none of the dresses were bad, and that the only thing wrong was the fact they wanted to drink her in while they could. Getting off on watching her body jiggle as they ruffled her. She was sure they were just enjoying this. Her standing there virtually naked under their greedy gazes. She was used to it though. The way they looked at her. It came part and parcel with what happened behind closed doors. Not just to her, but to the other men, and women that were under this roof. If she closed her eyes now, she would be able to hear their soft whimpers, as they tried to stifle it in the pillows, their only reprieve was at night, and sometimes, even that was not enough. Even then they could not hide from what these monsters wanted to do with them. There were many who were not strong enough to cope. Not strong enough to hang onto whatever thin strand of strength they had left. No, she was never going to let them break her. Bring her down to that level. She hated every single second of what happened. Hated it. Yet this was the life she had been given. She had to face it. She had to survive it. It was the only thing that she could do. Survive. But even that was difficult on some days. She was jarred from her though as hands roughly grabbed her and spun her around. Forcing her to face them. “Finally. This will do. You want to hope your new husband is more forgiving” Her jaw clenched slightly, the muscle in her jaw twitching at their words. Anyone had to be better than this...right? Although, saying that, she knew how wrong that could be. She had a good life, once upon a time. A kind woman who had allowed her to sleep with who she wanted. Until she had been sold to someone she thought she could trust. He had betrayed her in the end. Now here she was. Because of him.

“Name” Her bright grey eyes focused on the dark male before her. Licking her lips as she slowly sucked in a breath. “Shay Lilim” He seemed pleased by her answer. “History” SHe wanted to roll her eyes. She wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. That she was not sitting some exam. That she was not a parrot who would repeat whatever they heard often enough. “I had a happy life. A mother and father who loved me both. A sister. A pet cat named Jaffar, i studied art, when i got myself in some debt. Ended up selling myself because it was easy money to keep myself in school” Lie...lie, it was all she could think as it came spilling from her lips. Not one single word she had spoken was the truth, and yet, they were pleased by her, because it was their truth. The truth they told her. The truth they wanted her to tell people because it was better than the truth they said. Better than telling your new husband that before her 18th birthday she had not one single memory of her life. That the only memories she had were of the vampire who had kept her captive. That had told her stories, made her believe she was someone she was not. That she had been rescued by a beautiful woman, saved by her. Given the truth, and allowed to live her own life. Until she was brought again, and now she found herself here. No, apparently that was something people did not want to hear, because it was to much for them to handle. Like the lie was any better. Because no matter what story she told, she was still a slave to someone else. She was still under the control of someone else. Being brought, like a piece of meat by someone else. How was that any better? To her, it wasn’t.

“It would be wise not to displease your new husband. You may no longer belong to us, but we will hear about it. He can still send you back, and rest assured, Shay. We will not be pleased. You think your life is tough now. Remember what happened Julia” Shay blanched ever so slightly, all her bravado drained from her features. She knew what happened to Julia. Julia the beautiful. Oh she had been so brilliant. The only way people would fuck her now was if she had a bag over her head. They never, ever allowed her out of the room. She was chained to the bed. Tortured and broken. “Thats more like it. Now come on” She was dragged and shoved from the room and when she entered the car, a bad was shoved down over her head. It was to stop anyone from ever telling anyone where they were. Any time one of them left it was with a bag over their head. She sat there with bated breath, her fingers crossed in her lap. She counted the minutes, and then the hours in her head. She seemed to be travelling for a very long time before the car finally stopped. Not a single ray of light came through the bag, so it was no doubt pitch black outside, which was how they liked to travel. In the pitch black so the Authority could not see. A knock at the door and she was being pushed forward, tripping on a step and righting herself. This was the important bit. She needed to make a good first impression. Had to. He could still change his mind. As the bag was tugged from her head she blinked ever so slightly, blinking away the harsh light. Slowly finding the male that had brought her. Holy fuck. Her mouth parted ever so slightly and then promptly shut. He was fucking handsome. Like hell this guy needed to buy a wife. God he was going to have a small dick. He was handsome as fuck and he had a fucking smal ldick, that was just her luck. It was the only reason she could think that someone like him would need to buy himself a bride.

“Do not be afraid of rough handling, she is quiet used to that. A firm hand every now and then is needed. She can be quite the talker when she wishes. Quiet disrespectful, so don't be afraid to show her who is boss. If, for any reason she is not up to satisfaction you have until the end of the week to be able to have a full refund, but i think you will be quiet satisfied” it was like they were talking about some piece of machinery, like a tv or something. Buy but don't like? No problem, just send it back no problem. They were right though, she was quite used to it. Letting out a slow breath she forced a smile to touch her lips, giving the male what she hoped was a pleasing smile. Noah….that was his name. It was so normal. But then, they always were. As the two men turned to leave she felt their hot breath against her neck “And remember Shay, Julia was like you once” Yes she was. When the door closed she focused fully on Noah once more. “Im Shay, its a pleasure to meet you Noah. Would you like me to call you Noah? Or would you prefer Master?” There were many varying things that people would want, one never could actually presume. She knew nothing about this male, nothing, she didn’t even know if he was human, or, if he was like her. Gifted. Either way if he was anything but normal, this was going to get extremely interesting, very fast. Her gifts she kept close to her chest, but were impossible to hide. She did her best to keep them hidden for as long as she could though. “Just tell me what you desire of me and i will fulfill it”
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