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Noah Donovan
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Name:Noah Ray Donovan
Current Employment: Bouncer and occasional enforcers for Pryde Nightclub owned and operated by Valeria Redwyne of the Glamor


Their are some people that were just born to live in Otherwhere. Noah Donovan always felt like he was one such person. His father was Raymond Donovan. A good and hard working man. Liked to build stuff. Mostly furniture. Though, he was actually mostly in forensic accounting. A mild mannered man that wasn't very bad looking. He'd gotten pretty well off thanks to the Donovan's once being a very prolific force in Otherwhere. Until they had a large and very public disgrace. His father was a lonely man. He'd never had anyone really solid in his life. After two failed marriages the man was desperate. More then desperate really.

In his desperation he went to drown his sorrows away. It was then that he met a man. A mysterious man that told him he could find Raymond love. That he could bring him the most beautiful woman in the world. You see he could see into the future, but to make sure that he could have his happy life and a child to raise. Well he had to sell his soul to him. Only to fuel the spell he claimed. Raymond in his desperation signed the contract. Giving his soul away to fuel this spell, or so he thought. The man told him to come back to this very same bar tomorrow, and their would be the most beautiful woman he'd ever met. Approach her and they would fall in love. The next day Raymond called out of work and spent all day waiting at that bar. Until it was about to close and he was giving up hope. A woman walked in. Beautiful with long tanned legs and bright piercing blue eyes. He'd fallen in love instantly. They left together, and were married a year later.

That is when little Noah was born. He had a middle class life. Worked hard, and he developed early. Not the smartest man in the world, but he made up for it in being a genuinely good person. As he grew into his tall frame. Filling out. His mother started to get much closer to him. Going as far as watching the young man now 16 taking showers, or walking in on him getting changed. It was around this time that he met Cecily. Cecily was the most beautiful girl in school. She bumped into Noah one day, and that was that. They started to date, and then some pretty strange things started to happen. Noah started to noticed that she wanted to be touched skin to skin. That she'd move his hands anywhere and everywhere over her body. She was his first, and he hers. He always knew he was rather large from the other guys in the locker room telling him that he needed to get into porn or something with that thing.

He had been so afraid to hurt Cecily, and she kept coming back for more. Screaming in pleasure until she started to go to school less. Making him cut class just to fool around. They graduated and got a place together. On his 18th birthday he came home to see what he could only put into words as pure horror. HIs mother had murdered his father. Realizing only then as he saw his mother in her true form that she had been a Succubus this entire time. That Noah who had gained strength from his sexual experiences with Cecily had become stronger and more agile. Like he was rejuvenated each time he had sex with her. He thought it was just how sex was, but no. He'd been feeding from her. Taking bits of the sexual energy between them to make him stronger. The deal was to have a child. Now that Noah was of legal age in Otherwhere it was time to collect.

Noah ran out the door, and he ended up deep in the glitzy and glamorous area of the Glamor. Where he thought he was safe. His mother hunted him. Haunted him. Telling him that she owned him. That he would be her perfect enforcer for what she had planned. Cecily quit college and moved back to Otherwhere. Clinging to Noah. Making him miss work. Made him not go to class because she was so hungry for him. Always trying to get at him. He realized that what he could do. What he'd done to Cecily had turned her into a drug addict, but he was the drug. A mess of a life fell into the lap of one Valeria Redwyne. Who offered him help in exchange for his loyalty. It was rare that a Succubus or Incubus didn't get a tighter hold on their children to use as minions.

Gladly taking the deal Valeria banished his mother, and got Cecily the help that she needed. By this time Noah was in his 20's. He flunked out of college after having sex with the deans daughter who was supposed to be engaged to some bigwig. Kicked out of school, and with nowhere to go he asked Valeria for more work. He worked for her for years. He always seemed to drool when she walked by. The most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. God Valeria was perfect, and their were some days that he was pretty sure he'd take sexy pictures of her over cash. Their was something about the woman that just oozed sexual energy, and Noah found himself very loyal to the woman. Pryde is about the lioness. Women on the prowl, and Noah had been the object of many of their desires. He feeds off of the sexual energy that permeates the night club. Sometimes sneaking into side rooms where he knows a woman is with a client, and just feeding slightly off of them. Usually to help heighten the sexual experience. Especially when the person is important to Valeria. When well fed he's often an enforcer for the Glamor. They're not the most holy or good of people sure, but they're fair and they pay a simple bouncer and aid enough money to afford a small house on the edge of their territory. Nothing fancy. Rather small really, but it was his.

Noah is 28 now, and he's lonely. Just like his dad was at his age, but instead of going and making a deal with a Demon. He decided that he'd buy a wife from one of those fancy places. Like Ravencrown, but he didn't have the kind of money that you needed to fully buy more then a simple girlfriend. Until he found another much smaller guild that offered him exactly what he needed. A woman that he could buy, and hopefully a woman that he'd hit it off with. If she was addicted to him then that was fine. It would be sex, and he'd make enough money to support them both if need be. He just wanted someone that he wouldn't be terrified of ruining their lives like he had almost ruined Cecily's. What he got he wasn't really expecting one bit.


Sexual Pheromones: Noah seems to ooze sex appeal. Even in his simple clothes he's always someone that women pull their eyes to. He's a very tall man, and he keeps himself in top shape. That doesn't always mean that their isn't some kind of magic behind the attraction.

Noah's hands secrete a kind of oil that makes someones body tingle with warmth and if powered enough with small tingles of pleasure. Only when he's sexually aroused.

Being half Incubus his body feeds off of sexual energy, but not to survive. It enhances his strength and agility. HIs semen also holds a powerful magic to it that makes someone become racked with pleasure so intense they often get addicted to how it feels.
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