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set in summer/winter, 2017

Joffrey Bleakwood
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Joffrey is a blood Seer, able to connect, mentally and physically. Able to read thoughts and communicate when feeding. He also has a rare offshot of being a blood seer in which he has been known to catch glimpses of the future, and things that people have done in the past.
When your life is all about being subservient to someone who is always going to be better than you, most would gain a complex. But not Joffrey. He has come to term with his position among the coven. It has always been the same and it has served them quite well over the years. From a very young age, he and his sister Madison were taught two things. One, their bonded was the single most important thing there was, and two. The coven was your life. And you knew your place among it. Joffrey was okay with that, it wasn't that bad of a life truly.

Growing up was simple enough, with simple enough rules. You fed from your parents, until you were old enough to become the keeper to your bonded. For Joffrey there should have been more than three choices but four But the first born son was cast out of the family for betraying the family. Joffrey was told no different, although he had his doubts. He knew Zander, or, he had thought he had at least. But with Zander gone Joffrey was eventually bonded with his sister Adeline. Left to do what she wanted. Her word was his command. She fed from him when she wanted. Did, what she wanted. His job now was to please her.

When he was not feeding Adeline or doing as she told him, then he was studying, something he had found he rather liked. He liked reading, learning. The world was a vast place he enjoyed. Life couldn't have been better for Joffrey.

But when you are raised with one soul purpose in mind then that is ripped away from you you are left broken. Confused. Uncertain about where you are even supposed to be anymore. Where you stand or where you are ever going to be. The bond between Keeper and their bonded is something that goes down to their very soul. Ancient magic that binds them, in life, and in death. Marked for all to see they have already been claimed and not to be touched. When that bond has been ripped away from the keeper it often leads to their death.

Joffrey was left broken. He should have known the deal his parents were making with the Lilu would bite them in the ass, but as a keeper he held no sway. Pietro Duskyrn, staked his claim on the coven, and showed them his power. Those who thought to stand up against him, died. His sister taken to keep his hold on them vice tight. Now Joffrey is left trying to decipher this new world alone. One thing he does know though is he can not stay with the coven because he failed in his task as keeper and he can not stay with the coven if he wants to get his sister back.


Joffrey is a man who knows his position in the world. He knows his place and he is not one to try and make waves. A respectful male at heart he doesn't let things go to his head nor does he let things get the better of him. He isn't one to over analyse things. Sometimes he can be naive, taking things at face value rather than thinking things through enough. Perhap it was his upbringing that has made him as such. Always being told the truth of things which makes it hard to navigate the outside world, given everyone is in it for themselves. Wanting what they want and using everyone for their own gains. He doesn't quite understand why people have to lie and manipulate when the truth is a lot easier than any lie.

Shielded and protected for much of his life Joffrey is often a quiet individual who would rather observe than speak up. He likes to go unnoticed. To walk through life with his head down to ensure that he doesn't bring unwanted attention to himself. Somehow though he always ends up with more attention on him than he really knows what to do with. Joffrey is a lot smarter than most give him credit for and is a powerhouse at heart.

Well educated and well spoken when he does speak, Joffrey can be a charming individual with a heart of gold that truly couldn't hurt a fly. Unless pushed. He is part Fae after all and has flights of fancies and anger. While he is not a mean spirited man, he is still open to suggestion and he is involved in whatever the coven is. He is well trained with hand to hand combat. While the Keepers are protected, they themselves are expected to know how to defend themselves. Jut in case.

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